What I median is, in S1 Isobel outs him together being in love with her. Damon does indeed fulfill Elena first, yet I think any type of feelings he had actually at that suggest were totally related to his feelings because that Katherine. When did Damon fall in love through Elena for Elena, and also not for she resemblance to Katherine?


I think Damon started falling in love with her once she wasn't scared of him. The interested him because everyone to be scared of the big bad evil Damon. She saw with him and didn't take any kind of of his crap.

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If ns was to give a specific time, ns think the started getting feelings throughout their road trip. For this reason "Bloodlines" Season 1, illustration 11.

I think at an initial it was the mirror photo of Katherine that got him.

But i think as he saw just how an excellent Elena is, and also how compassionate, also though she was just a human, it acquired him. And also then she even came to be friends v him and also taught him over there was more to him the this poor guy he convinced himself that was.

I don't think it was any one moment, yet I think he started liking Elena for Elena ~ spending time with her in 1x11 and also she conserved his life. Before, it was mainly to gain under Stefan's skin or due to the fact that she looked prefer Katherine or because that his very own amusement. In 1x22 part of his confession come "Elena" is she made decision he to be worth saving and also saw something an excellent in him, i beg your pardon is important to him, thus his constant emphasis on needing your interactions to it is in real. "When it's actual you can't to walk away," becomes your thing. Or exactly how their feelings because that each other are real, if messy and imperfect.

I think he might have establish it during the dance in 1x19? Both he and also Elena later on reference it as as soon as they took note of every other differently for the very first time, and also the run is clearly an essential marker in their relationship in later seasons i m sorry is continually referenced. The mentions in 6x07 the knew Elena was worried around Stefan during that first dance, but there was a minute when every one of that dropped away and also it was just the 2 of them. Whenever in late season 1 works, really, due to the fact that prior come Isobel speak it in 1x20, Damon's fine through throwing approximately threesome jokes and also referring to Elena together "our girlfriend" once he didn't actually median anything by it. But when Stefan confronts him around it that very same episode, he doesn't check or refuse it, that dances approximately it. Something the doesn't characteristically do, uneven it hits as well close to home.

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But I'd certainly say he was willing to execute what it take it to defend Elena and also keep her safe and also happy-locking far Katherine in the tomb-in 2x07. So the may have started around Katherine, however it hadn't been because that a lengthy time.