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Michele Capps
5 feet 6 inch (1.68m)
July 1, 2007
Jimmy Capps$10 million
BlackBrownAmericanChristianView an ext / View much less Facts the Michele Capps

Michele Voan Capps is a singer that is best known for being the spouse of Jimmy Caps. Jimmy Caps was an American musician, singer, guitarist, and music producer.

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Michele’s exact birth details space not well-known as the now. She is indigenous the unified States and holds American nationality. Likewise, she is indigenous a Christian family. In addition, there is no information related to she family. She hasn’t revealed any details about her parents and also siblings.

Moving towards her education, she completed her schooling in ~ a regional high school. After her high institution graduation, she join a local University and graduated indigenous there. Though, she has actually not discover the surname of she school and college and also other details concerning her education.

Michele’s so late husband Jimmy’s death

Jimmy Capps died on June 2, 2020, shortly after his 81st birthday. Though, the reason of his death isn’t revealed yet. Jimmy had some medical problems according to his son mark Capps who responded to every the condolences come his family members upon Jimmy’s death.

Professional Life

Michele started her career together a singer and her songs include standard country songs during the 1930s come 1950s. She has recorded and published a couple of albums including “Christmas at house with Michele”, “Simply Michele”, and also “7th and Union”. She and also Jimmy additionally performed on “Larry’s country Diner”.


Caption: Michele to sing in a live display (Source: members.ccma.org)

Michele’s husband Jimmy’s Career

Jimmy Capps to be interested in music because his childhood. In ~ the period of 12, he started learning and playing guitar. Jimmy change to Nashville to it is in a part of The Louvin brothers band. He offered to play etc in the band. Jimmy’s performance in this tape took him to the cool Ole Opry stage for playing guitar for your melody “Knoxville Girl”.

Jimmy was an excellent guitarist. With his smooth playing in both acoustic and also electric guitar, he began playing because that the studio together with other nation players. He played in a few renowned melodies of renowned artists and later that was given the name Sherrif.

Songs that he played incorporate Barbara Mandrell’s “I Was nation When country Wasn’t Cool”, Tammy Wynette’s “Remain by your Man”, Conway Twitty’s “Lost In The Feeling”, Alan Jackson’s “Here In The real World”, Reba McEntire’s “The means by which Blue”, George Strait’s “Loosened up”, and “Amarillo before dawn”, George Jones’s “He stopped Loving she Today”, Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”, and the Oak Ridge Boys’ “Elvira”.

Along with this, Jimmy additionally performed at the Musicians room of Fame numerous times.

Net Worth and Achievements

She hasn’t revealed her specific net worth. Though, Jimmy had a substantial net precious of approximately $10 million united state dollars prior to his death. Jimmy earn this kind amount of money v his music career. Therefore, she has actually a net worth the $10 million us dollars technically.

Talking around her awards, she hasn’t received any type of awards it spins now.

Relationship Status

Michele Voan Capps got married to Jimmy Capps in July 2007. Jimmy Capps is a famous musician from north Carolina. She and Jimmy were living a happy life in Tennessee prior to Jimmy’s death. The pair was watched at many functions together. Moving on, Jimmy to be the father of three kids including mark Capps. Likewise, details regarding her past relationships room not accessible at the moment.

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Caption: Michele singing with her husband Jimmy (Source: referene.com)

Body Measurements and Social Media

When it concerns her body measurements, Michele has maintained a appropriate body figure. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 58 kg. Moreover, she actual body measurement is not obtainable at the moment. Similarly, she has brown hair through a pair of beautiful black eyes.