TUPELO • Friends, family and fans of Lee Williams will celebrate the late gospel singer’s life and music next weekend.

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A publicly walk through viewing because that Williams is collection for next Saturday, Sept. 11, at the St. Paul Christian Life center in Tupelo native 1:30 until 5 p.m. The city that Tupelo will sponsor a memorial business in Williams’ respect at Gumtree Park that same day at 4 p.m.

On Sunday, a homecoming celebration will certainly take ar at the BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo. The event will encompass a 2nd public walk-through viewing native 10:30 a.m. Till noon, adhered to by a service at 1 p.m.

The publicly is invited to attend all events. Social distancing will be preserved at every services, and also guests need to wear masks.

Williams, whose group The spirituality QC’s enthralled audiences through their soulful spiritual song for more than five decades, passed away on Monday, Aug. 30, in ~ his residence in Pontotoc. He was 75.

A lifelong singer v a gravelly baritone and a stoic power style, Williams began professionally record music in the so late 1960s. The founded and lead the Tupelo-based gospel quartet The spirituality QC’s, i beg your pardon spent years performing together before finally publication their first national full-length album, “Jesus is Alive and Well,” in 1996. What adhered to was a cable of successful albums throughout the 1990s and also 2000s.

Along v the group, Williams has earned a spot on the Billboard’s gospel music charts, won 10 stellar Awards (and to be presented v the mainly Awards’ call James Cleveland Lifetime achievement Award in 2010), earn a soul Train compensation for finest Gospel Album that the Year and also was called the Gospel Music Excellence Awards’ traditional Quartet that the Year in 2011. Williams was also given the Mississippi Trailblazer Award.

Williams retirement from public performances in 2018. In July of the year, the city of Tupelo commemorated both his career and retirement through a publicly celebration, throughout which he was presented with the vital to the city.



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