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The ax Runaway Scrape was the name Texans applied to the trip from their houses when Antonio López de Santa Anna started his attempted occupation of Texas in February 1836. The first communities to be influenced were those in the south central portions the Texas about San Patricio, Refugio, and San Antonio. The people began to leave the area as at an early stage as January 14, 1836, when the Mexicans to be reported gathering on the Rio Grande. When Sam Houston come in Gonzales on march 11 and also was educated of the loss of the Alamo, he determined upon retreat to the Colorado River and ordered all residents to accompany him. Couriers were dispatched from Gonzales to carry the news the the autumn of the Alamo, and also when they got that news, world all over Texas began to leave everything and make their means to safety. Houston"s retreat marked the start of the Runaway Scrape ~ above a really big scale. Washington-on-the-Brazos was deserted by march 17, and around April 1 Richmond was evacuated, as were the negotiations on both political parties of the Brazos River. The more retreat the Houston toward the Sabine left all of the settlements between the Colorado and the Brazos unprotected, and the inhabitants in the area at once began making their way toward Louisiana or Galveston Island. The section of eastern Texas about Nacogdoches and San Augustine was exit a small prior to April 13. The trip was marked by lack of preparation and also by panic led to by are afraid both of the mexico Army and also of the Indians. The people used any method of transportation or none in ~ all. Added to the discomforts of travel were all kinds the diseases, increase by cold, rain, and also hunger. Numerous persons died and also were buried where lock fell. The flight ongoing until news come of the victory in the battle of mountain Jacinto. At an initial no credence was placed in this news due to the fact that so numerous false rumors had been circulated, yet gradually the refugees began to reverse their steps and turn earlier toward home, plenty of toward residences that no longer existed.

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