Our black Australorps usually to put their very first eggs at roughly 6-7 months of age.

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Several points that can affect when they start to lay:

What kind of food friend raise lock onWhat time that year you flower (or purchase) themHow they room raised

Let’s check out several of these topics much more closely.

Choosing the right type of food for their age

I recommend maintaining your black Australorp pullets ~ above a non-medicated starter/grower feed until they first begin to lay eggs. Then, once they start to place eggs, move to great feed.

Layer feed has too small protein come support ideal growth of your chickens while they are young and still developing.

And the extra calcium that lay pellets save on computer isn’t healthy and balanced for growing chickens, also though the is beneficial and also needed as soon as they start laying.

In short, usage the right feed because that the phase of breakthrough your chickens are in. Usage starter/grower while they’re growing, so the they will reach full size and potential. Then switch to layer feed once they begin laying eggs.

When to be they hatched?

Depending on as soon as your hens were hatched, they will certainly (obviously) reach maturity at various seasons that the year, and also this can affect when they start laying.

Black Australorps the were flower in the spring will certainly mature sufficient to begin to put in the fall or early on winter. The is the moment of year as soon as the variety of hours the daylight per day is decreasing. December 21 is the shortest work of the year for people (and chickens) who live phibìc of the equator.

Chickens are impacted quite a little by the lot of daylight they receive. Too small daylight, and hens won’t lay, or won’t place much.

A quick story the illustrates this point:

I raise many of our chickens in portable hoop-style coops (10-foot x 10-foot). One winter, I had fastened some metal sheeting to the back end of the coops to act together a wind break. Several of the coops were facing south, yet one specific coop was dealing with north. (The back end the the coop, v the metal, to be on the southern side, toward the sun.)

I was maintaining egg laying records, and also the variety of eggs i was getting per hen indigenous this particular coop was far less than the other coops. The hens were all the same age, and also there to be no other difference that I could tell between the coops.

Once ns realized that the trouble was merely that the steel sheeting was casting too lot shade into the coop and also reducing the amount of daylight, i spun the coop approximately so the it challenged south similar to the others.

Within simply a couple of days, the variety of eggs climbed increase to enhance the various other flocks.

Amount of obtainable daylight provides a far-ranging difference because that egg laying chickens.

I carry this up because if your Australorps room just gaining up to laying period (6 month of age) right approximately the shortest job of the year, you may not get eggs native them for another month or so. In various other words, the quick days may delay the beginning of egg laying.

Other factors, together as really cold temperature, can additionally affect, and potentially delay, egg laying.

Getting eggs closer come year-round

If you desire eggs as close to year-round as possible, then i recommend flower or buying chicken in early spring every year. Female chicken hatched in March will certainly reach 6 months of period in September and also should begin to lay about that time.

Any Australorp hen that space in their second year the laying (or older) will begin to molt about September or October, so girlfriend won’t get plenty of eggs native them in those months. Yet your recently hatched, 6-month-old pullets will supply you with eggs with the fall.

Black Australorps molting

A molting black Australorp hen

When black Australorp hen reach about 18 months of age, or in the autumn after their very first season of laying, they begin going into a molt, and also egg-laying ceases until the molt is over.

We usually start to watch some eggs again in December, and lay rates of the 2nd year hen will progressively pick up. As with all breeds, Australorps will certainly not lay as many eggs their 2nd year as they go their an initial year.

A useful rule of ignorance is to expect around 80% as countless eggs as the year before.

Which that my black Australorp hens are laying

There space a variety of different ways to tell.

One the the most helpful ways is to inspect the spacing in between their pelvic bones and compare that in between the miscellaneous hens in her flock. The hen with broader pelvic bone spacing are most likely to be the people that room laying.

I define this more completely in an article on i beg your pardon hens are laying.

Laying patter because that Heritage black color Australorps

The very first Heritage black color Australorps us raised, starting from a directly run that chicks that awe purchased, started to place on in at an early stage December, around 6 months from the day they to be hatched. Incidentally, as stated earlier, December 21 is the shortest day (fewest variety of daylight hours).

Once they began to lay, your lay rate increased rapidly because that 1-2 months until it reached a peak.

For at the very least several weeks, lay prices were about 85%. Then as the weather started to warmth in at an early stage summer, at the time they reached about one year old, their lay rate started to decline.

Each year, during the hot, central Texas summer, their laying slows down considerably. Then, as mentioned earlier, in the fall of their second year (at about 18 months of age) they enter molt the lasts because that 8 or an ext weeks, during which they cease laying. Some of them will start molting as early as mid-August.

This is why, together of June 2021, I’ve began to job-related with several various other breeds that i think might be better suited for our climate.

Do black Australorps walk broody?

While hens are broody, castle don’t frequently lay eggs.

In spring, some of our Australorp hens go broody and also cease come lay when they collection on eggs and also raise chicks. The hens that don’t walk broody tend to continue to place well.

The tendency toward broodiness counts on the strain. Australorps that room bred because that high-production will be much less likely to walk broody than ours.

How countless years perform Black Australorps lay?

We have Australorp hens that are over 4 years old the still put eggs. They space a an excellent breed to choose if you desire a long term egg layer.

But the variety of eggs lock lay every year go decrease through each happen year, as with it does through all breeds.

A good rule of thumb is that as soon as a i cry starts come lay, they’ll produce about 80% as countless eggs together they go the year prior to with each passing year.

This is one factor why ns recommend replacing some of your class every year.

What size egg do Australorps lay?

Australorps put a medium to large egg. From what I’ve seen, they lay a larger egg than Delawares and also Barred Rocks but not as big as White Leghorns or ISA Browns (Red Stars / Red Comets / etc.). The featured photo at the top of this short article gives an idea as to the size.

What shade eggs carry out Black Australorps lay?

Egg shade varies. Most eggs are fairly dark brown, however some are quite light.

Do black color Australorps put in winter?

Yes. Winter with spring is as soon as our Australorps lay your best.

Are black color Australorps good layers?

Yes and also no. Throughout winter, ours lay well.

During summer and also fall, they lay poorly.

Again, we’re in central Texas. It it s okay hot, through highs getting to 100 – 112 (F) throughout the peak summer heat.

If you lived in a cooler climate, you can get more eggs from her Australorps in summer than we do.

I’m raising a solitary Heritage stress, overload from one group of starter stock developed by one breeder. If her climate and stock space different, you’ll most likely have various results. I would love come hear ago from other growers on this.

What about other breeds of chickens? as soon as do they start to lay?

According come the guest short article on McMurray Hatchery’s blog, in ~ What age Will my Chickens begin Laying? – hybrid egg layers begin to lay at 4-5 months and heritage breeds begin at 5-7 months. Hybrids encompass commercial White Leghorns, Red Stars and also Black Stars. Hybrids are a an excellent choice if friend are in search of lots that eggs and also if you setup to replace your great yearly or every year and also a half. Heritage breeds space a much better choice if friend are searching for longer-term egg layers and also if you’re elevating chickens for meat as well as eggs.

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In short, in mine experience, Heritage black color Australorps often tend to start laying at about 6 months of age throughout optimal conditions. Castle lay well in cool weather yet slow down considerably in hot weather and also cease laying during the autumn molt, which deserve to last because that a few months.