That ‘70s Show: did Eric and also Donna Get ago Together? Topher Grace"s Eric Forman left the "70s Show before the final season, but did return for the finale. Here"s what happened in between him and also Donna.

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Laura Prepon as Donna and Topher Grace as Eric in the 70s Show
The romantic relationship in between Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti to be a focal point throughout That "70s Show - but did the pair end up with each other in the end? The personalities were portrayed by Topher Grace and Laura Prepon transparent the duration sitcom"s run. Grace especially left prior to the show"s eighth and also last season but he returned for the series finale.

Eric fell in love v Donna when he an initial met his next-door neighbor as soon as they were kids. In That "70s Show season 1, Eric ultimately acted ~ above his feelings and also took Donna out on a date. The couple was just 16 in ~ the time, therefore their early on dating life was understandably a little bit awkward, but they walk share their very first kiss together. They take it the relationship progressively which offered Hyde (Danny Masterson) a reason to keep competing for Donna"s affection. Eric and Donna later fell completely in love, coming to be one the the show"s longest-running couples. But there were notable setbacks follow me the way.

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In That "70s Show season 7, Eric was totally lost in life, having actually no actual direction in what he want to execute with his career. He spontaneously made decision to move to Africa come teach children since he dreamed of helping people in need. The season 7 finale saw Eric leave the show, ending the character"s connection with long-time girlfriend, Donna. Eric later on reappeared in the collection finale episode, how amazing Donna and the viewers, and the duo shared a reuniting kiss.

once Eric changed to point Place on brand-new Year"s eve in the series finale, he claimed that that regretted breaking up through Donna during their time apart. Eric also stated that things were a lot various with him before he kissed her, leading viewers to think that they fully reconciled. That presumably found a lot of clarity throughout his time in Africa and also there was no indication that he planned to return. It"s very possible that Eric"s expedition made the realize exactly how much Donna meant to him and that he needed to be closer to his friends and also family.

Eric and also Donna went with rocky step in their partnership before and survived, so there was no reason to think that they couldn"t overcome the Africa debacle either. The pair broke up and also got back together a variety of times end the years. At one point, lock were even engaged yet Eric damaged it off. Donna additionally explored relationships through other men in between the time she spent with Eric.

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Each time they to be separated, Eric had actually a skill at win Donna back. No issue how plenty of times, that messed up or placed his foot in his mouth at the wrong time, he was able to make it approximately her. There was a most reason to believe that the two were destined to be together. Indeed, the was crucial that lock both prospered apart for part time before they eventually made their method back to one another. In Eric"s case, he needed to evolve and also grow his maturity in one more continent. Thankfully, because that That "70s Show viewers, the story of Eric and also Donna had actually a satisfying ending.