Immense mountain ranges, Caribbean beach, salt desert, large jungles, and much more. Only one continent supplies so lot diversity in landscapes and also climate. Welcome to southern America. As result of its diversity and very far-reaching size, it have the right to be quite tricky to know when is the ideal time to travel but also to specify the climate and also seasons of southern America.

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Seasons in southern America

If you space wondering when is summer in south America or when to protect against winter in southern America, know that defining a single season come visit southern America is in fact completely impossible. The continent is so huge that there are so countless different climates. There is practically 7000km in between the northernmost point and the most southern point, so usually it’s a little like trying to sum up the climate in between northern Finland and also southern Ethiopia.

The further north you space on the continent, the closer you are to the Equator (the country, of course, but also the Equator line). The temperature variations in between the various months of the year are because of this smaller and also smaller together you walk up.

In other words, each periods of south America counts on the country. Each nation has various climates (even in ~ a country sometimes). Let’s check out what’s the finest time the the year to take trip in nations of south America.

Patagonia in March

Although lot of the continent enjoys a dry climate through mild temperatures all year round, this is no the case in southerly Latin America. Below the Santiago line, the is really cold in winter. If you want to visit Patagonia (which is strong recommended), the is ideal to do so throughout the southern hemisphere summer (November come March). And also it is even better to execute it ~ the institution holidays that the south Americans (January come February), therefore that renders March the perfect month to start your journey

As for the renowned Patagonian landscapes, don’t miss Ushuaia and Lapataia Park, Torres del Paine, the Perito Moreno, El Chalten etc. Everything is focused in a small corner of paradise, you won’t have the ability to get lost. If you room curious about what activities to execute in this region, but additionally want to check out some breathtaking images of Patagonia, you deserve to take a look at the ideal Photos of Patagonia.


Chile in April

It’s the finish of March, you’re on your way to El Chalten and also you call yourself that it’s much more than 2000km that the road to Santiago. Fortunately for you, among the many beautiful roads in the world, the Carretera Austral, is here to conserve you. An isolated roadway in Chile that goes indigenous Villa O’Higgins to Puerto Montt. The see is beautiful and well precious it. You deserve to otherwise constantly take a plane to Santiago. It’s time to have your passport stamped one critical time through the beautiful Chilean flag due to the fact that where it all happens is in san Pedro de Atacama! A couple of days are enough to discover the well known Atacama Desert.

From the rainbow mountains of san Pedro to the Chilean Patagonia Torres del Paine. This country is full of treasure. You can take a look at at every the tourism to perform in Chile to have an idea on every the other locations you deserve to visit in ~ the country.


Bolivia in May

The an initial thing to recognize is the Bolivia is in the southerly hemisphere, which method that the periods are reversed: winter in Europe is summer there and also vice versa. Therefore if you follow the time advice, you will certainly be there at the start of May. The weather is good, it’s warm and not overwhelmed with people.

Bolivia is above all, an essential stop on a south American take trip itinerary. You will come throughout the tremendous Uyuni salt Flats, breathtaking lagoons and volcanoes in the Sajama national Park, the beautiful little town the Sucre or the impressive La Paz. A pilgrimage to Bolivia is all of this in ~ once, remarkable landscapes that you would think you came from one more planet and that will probably note you forever. If you space craving come know much more about w cap to see and also visit on her tour through Bolivia, after analysis this, girlfriend will currently have a pretty good knowledge the it.


Peru in June

In Peru, the country just south of the equator, there space three varieties of climates: the desert seaside strip, which has actually a gentle climate and cloudy in winter and also pleasantly warm in summer; the Andean ar (the Sierra), an ext or less cold depending upon the altitude; and finally the huge eastern zone covered by the Amazonian forest, which has warm and also humid weather every year round. Store in mental that when it’s summer in Europe, it’s “winter” in Peru.

It’s the end the May-early June and you room delighted to it is in leaving Bolivia to descend in altitude to milder temperatures. However you are also grateful to arrive right before the high season. If you have actually planned to just visit Peru, climate you should take into consideration going throughout the fall season together it is the lowest season of the year.

All in all, we have the right to say that the country symbolizes all of South America, native the Inca damages of the famous, yet unmistakable Machu Picchu, come the llamas and also colourful hats, you will certainly be amazed wherever you go. In instance you’re interested in seeing every one of those wonders, climate you should more than likely take a look in ~ the possible tours to do in Peru.


Ecuador in July

Although Ecuador has actually some the the best seasons of southern America, the country additionally has two main climates: a rainy season and a dry season, which differ from region to region. However the many recommendable months would be indigenous June till September.

Did you recognize that Ecuador has actually the most volcanoes (active and inactive) in the people in relation to its surface area? located in the center of the convergence zone between the oceanic and also continental plates, this very little country has actually no less than 100 volcanoes, few of which with an altitude of more than 5000m! and who states volcanoes say hiking, magnificent landscapes, and also thermal springs! for this reason don’t miss all the exceptional things to execute in Ecuador.


Colombia in December

Between Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador and also Peru, Colombia is a nation with a dry climate because of its proximity to the equator. There are just two seasons: summer, i beg your pardon is additionally the dried season, in December, January, July and August, and also winter, i m sorry is additionally the rainy season, in April, May, October and November. That makes December a perfect month to go visit Colombia.

Make sure to recognize w cap to see and also what to visit in Colombia, before going so you have the right to 100% reap the country.

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As you could have understood, the periods in south American countries are really different from various other continents. Typically speaking, the periods are reversed contrasted to Europe, but again that stays very general. Thankfully, after reading this blog you deserve to avoid rainy, cold and over all touristy seasons. Yet remember the the most essential thing to know is the whether it is during the summer or the winter, you will never ever regret visiting this tremendous continent.