Determine the direction in i m sorry a current-carrying cable experiences a pressure in an exterior magnetic fieldCalculate the pressure on a current-carrying wire in an external magnetic field

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Moving charges suffer a pressure in a magnetic field. If these moving charges room in a wire—that is, if the wire is transporting a current—the cable should additionally experience a force. However, before we comment on the force exerted ~ above a present by a magnetic field, we an initial examine the magnetic ar generated by an electric current. We are studying 2 separate effects here that interact closely: A current-carrying wire generates a magnetic field and the magnetic ar exerts a pressure on the current-carrying wire.

Magnetic Fields produced by electrical Currents

When pointing out historical explorations in magnetism, we discussed Oersted’s finding the a wire transferring an electrical current caused a nearby compass to deflect. A connection was established that electrical currents produce magnetic fields. (This connection between electricity and also magnetism is disputed in an ext detail in sources of Magnetic Fields.)

The compass needle near the wire experiences a force that set the needle tangent come a circle around the wire. Therefore, a current-carrying cable produces one loops of magnetic field. To identify the direction that the magnetic ar generated indigenous a wire, we usage a 2nd right-hand rule. In RHR-2, your ignorance points in the direction of the existing while her fingers wrap about the wire, pointing in the direction of the magnetic field created ((Figure)). If the magnetic field were comes at girlfriend or the end of the page, we stand for this v a dot. If the magnetic ar were going right into the page, we stand for this v an

The cable is formed from product that has n charge carriers per unit volume, so the number of charge carriers in the section is ?

is perpendicular to I?

field? (b) What is the direction that the pressure if the present is straight up and also Earth’s ar direction is early out north, parallel come the ground?

(a) A dc power line because that a light-rail device carries 1000 A in ~ an edge of 30.0º to earth

field. What is the force on a 100-m ar of this line? (b) comment on practical concerns this presents, if any.

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a. 2.50 N; b. This way that the light-rail strength lines need to be attached in order no to be relocated by the pressure caused by earth’s magnetic field.

A wire moving a 30.0-A present passes between the poles the a strong magnet that is perpendicular to its field and experiences a 2.16-N force on the 4.00 centimeter of wire in the field. What is the average field strength?