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When the Lafayette, LA native composed “Cupid Shuffle” he had actually no idea the the track or he would certainly turn right into a an international entertainment phenomenon taking his talents to far-off lands favor Dubai and also Germany. “It still amazes me the my music has resonated with so numerous different kinds of people,” claims Cupid. “Music is important a universal language because it unites people of different ages, cultures, backgrounds and beliefs with a solitary purpose of having a great time, at least that’s my goal. I want to lifts spirits and change the way people feel as soon as they hear a Cupid record.” offered the culturally rich melting pot environment Cupid was elevated in, his sound is Blues-influenced, Rock-influenced, Soul-influenced, Gospel-influenced and also Hip-Hop-influenced. The no wonder his brand is able to effortlessly transcend racial and generational boundaries.

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Cupid will launch right into a brand-new realm that fame with the relax of “Go Head Baby,” his new single produced by Atlanta-based beat device Mr. Collipark (Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins). The self-proclaimed “King the the dance Party” delivers a masterful follow-up to “Cupid Shuffle” that additionally comes with its own choreography. “I wanted to make an additional line dance record yet wanted to pay homage to my Louisiana roots. Very first of all, us say ‘baby’ fully different native everybody else. We likewise say ‘go head baby’ to encourage people, particularly the ladies. Therefore this is an additional feel great record that anybody have the right to jam to and have a an excellent time.”


Cupid is also the driving pressure behind CuRobiks. After gift on the road supporting his music, Cupid got a considerable amount of weight, which involved him, especially being the his house state has one of the highest obesity prices in the country. Together a result, Cupid started using present rehearsal time come workout. He did that by combine his heat dancing routines with light aerobic activity, shedding over 40 pounds with his crew members experiencing similar results. That’s as soon as he birthed the idea for CuRobiks.

CuRobiks is a mixture that calisthenics, aerobics and also line dancing led and also instructed by award winning – multi platinum record artist, Cupid. This explosive and addicting funny filled exercise an approach allows because that a good full body workout the incorporate aerobic dance with squats, jumping jacks and also pushups. The moves gain your heart pumping however are low impact, which provides the program ideal for kids and adults alike. CuRobiks is readily available in LIVE concert and also on DVD enabling the experience to happen in the comfort of your own home.

Cupid has a brand-new record out referred to as “Wham Dance” featuring fellow Louisiana aboriginal Mystikal in addition to DJ RO. 

The CuRobiks Fitness Concert Experience is the first workout regime led by a multi-platinum recording artist bringing you high-energy, fun filled aerobic line dancing. This 3 hour event offers a family atmosphere where anyone young or old have the right to dance far calorie after ~ calorie while line-dancing to renowned hit records that are suitable for every ages. Separated into 3 segments, friend will have the chance to learn exactly how to line dance, get a good workout, obtain health awareness, and meet and also greet nationwide recording artist, Cupid.

The kid of a preacher, Cupid prospered up doing 3 things: singing, dancing and also DJ’ing. He reduced his imaginative teeth belting out hymns and playing the piano in church even coming to be the youth choir director at age 14. And also being from main Louisiana, rhythmically moving to a beat was in his DNA. Given the culturally well-off melting pot environment he was increased in, Cupid’s sound is Blues-influenced, Rock-influenced, Soul-influenced, Gospel-influenced and Hip-Hop-influenced. It’s no wonder his brand effortlessly transcends racial and generational boundaries.

Cupid to visit the college of Louisiana in ~ Lafayette on a monitor scholarship. While the enjoyed completing as an athlete, music became his main emphasis subsequently leading him to join a 5-man R&B ensemble referred to as Fifth Element. What began out as an effort to woo the ladies caused performances in ~ campus talent shows and also local events throughout the state. Although the group disbanded after ~ a quick stint, it offered Cupid the confidence an increase he necessary to pursue a job in to chat full-time.

The singer enjoyed radio airplay in 2001 with his high-powered first single, “Do Ya Thang,” which showed up on his independent debut album. His sophomore disc, 2005’s The King of Down south R&B got airplay transparent the southeastern region. Cupid’s job skyrocketed in January 2007 v the release of his 3rd LP, Time because that a Change. Simply days prior to dropping the album, he got a contact to ink a major label deal with Atlantic Records. His an initial breakthrough solitary from the landmark debut, “Cupid Shuffle,” sparked a global frenzy. In the United states alone, the tune peaked in ~ #66 ~ above the Billboard warm 100 and also #21 top top the hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart. Since then the song has actually gone dual platinum and gets roughly 6,500 brand-new downloads each week. The success the Cupid’s music had him performing in prior of marketed out crowds and headlining mirrors with the likes that Frankie Beverly and also Mays, the SOS Band, Stevie Wonder, Charlie Wilson, brand-new Edition, Dougie Fresh, huge Daddy Kane, Zapp, the Whispers and the O’ Jays end a 6-year period. He became the face of McDonalds McCafe national advertisement campaign where he go on a nationwide tourism alongside Eric Roberson and Musiq Soulchild to teach his legion the fans how to execute the “McCafe Shuffle.” Cupid’s music can additionally be heard in the feature films Jumping the Broom, step it increase 2, P.S. Ns Love You and the Adventures that Nancy Drew, and also the Dance central 3 video clip game.

Realizing v success comes responsibility; Cupid has actually proven to be a powerful force through his structure Positopia (Poz-itopia), a land whereby negativity doesn’t exist. V his organization, that mentors youth in schools and churches, organizes a yearly toy drive and also participates in breast cancer awareness campaigns. Cupid wishes the civilization continues to loss in love v his motion but much more importantly he intends to captivate the heart.

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If you’ve been living on an additional planet and also have not heard the “Cupid Shuffle“ click here to listen and download the song as well as other music.