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Some that the new features include:

Switchable channels

If you and also a neighbor have actually cordless phones operation on the exact same frequency, or channel, you can get an stroked nerves buzz on the line or accidentally receive each other’s calls.

Stray signals from a CB radio or other an equipment can likewise create false rings. With some brand-new models, you can switch to an additional channel. Models without switchable channels must be returned to the manufacturer because that a channel change.

New channels

To reduce over-crowding, the FCC approved 10 new channels in December 1983. You have the right to still buy a phone the uses networks in the 1.7-MHz frequency range, but all cordless phones made after Oct. 1, 1984, need to operate on the brand-new 46- and also 49-MHz channels.


Digital protection codes

You have the right to use these to prevent other cordless phone customers from picking up her dial tone and making not authorised long-distance calls. They also prevent neighbors’ calls native ringing on her line.

Digital coding is much more reliable 보다 guard tone systems and is now obtainable on numerous models. However, someone with an all-band radio, a scanner or one more cordless phone deserve to still eavesdrop. Don’t offer out your credit transaction card number or any kind of other private information on a cordless phone.


Clearer sound

Most that the short-range models are gone. These were designed to run 50 or 100 feet native the base and also suffered interruption as result of static indigenous low-level electrical sources, such together a refrigerator.

You no longer need to pay a premium because that a phone through an extended range that provides clear sound as much as 200 or 300 feet from the base station. The range is smaller sized where there room hills, electrical motors or various other sources the interference, or even nil if girlfriend live close to a TV tower or an airport.

Many models insurance claim a variety of 700 or 1,000 feet, however don’t count on clean reception also if girlfriend live in an area v favorable surroundings.

Compared v the 1.7-MHz channels, the new 46-49-MHz networks are much less prone to interference from electrical motors, fluorescent lights and also power switches, says Julius Knapp, an electronic devices engineer at the FCC.

Knapp called Changing Times the new channels should make it easier for carriers to design better sound quality, but there’s no guarantee they will; top quality still depends greatly on the manufacturer and model.


Hearing protection

Most manufacturers have actually redesigned their cord-less receivers for this reason the ringer doesn’t send loud blasts into your ear if you forget to switch it off once you answer.

Some manufacturers, including Uniden, Pace, Cobra and Southwest-ern Bell, have new models with ring-ers ~ above the ago of the handset, far from the ear. A couple of other models defend the ear by ringing first at 25 percent that power and then acquiring louder with each succeeding ring.


Several cordless phones now have actually a home intercom mechanism that allows someone in ~ the base converse through someone making use of the handset.

The flexibility Phone 1100 ($150) has a speaker at the base; others, such together Radio Shack’s Duofone ET-410 ($180), function as one intercom once a regular corded phone call is associated to the base.

When shopping, look for features you would want to gain for any type of phone, such together automatic redial, storage dialing or two-line capability. Pulse-only, as opposed to tone dialing phones, usually cost less.


When manufacturers presented the brand-new 46-49-MHz phones last year, some 3 million older models still satellite in stores and also warehouses. Dealers have actually been giving them at large discounts. Plenty of stores room out of the old inventory, yet you can still discover a 1.7-MHz version at fifty percent the price of among the more recent phones.

Some 1.7-MHz models price less than $40, but you could have to salary at the very least $60 because that a high quality phone indigenous a manufacturer the is still in business and handles repairs promptly. Features like switchable channels and also digital defense coding could lug the price to an ext than $100.

Dayna Ruliffson, president of an excellent Connections, a brand-new Orleans sleeve store, told an altering Times the most well-known high-quality larger models include the phone call Mate 4210-4220, Electra liberty Phone 4000 and also several models through Pace.

Price cuts on enlarge models have required manufacturers to present phones in the 46-49-MHz selection at prices averaging roughly $150. Mura is providing $5 and also $10 rebates on its 5 46-49-MHz models that selection from $100 come $250. Expect to see higher prices and also a greater number of new models to pick from in the close to future, as shortly as the 1.7-MHz models are marketed off.

It’s quite possible that within the next five years the 46-49-MHz channels will become overcrowded, forcing the FCC to entrust another brand-new set that cordless call channels.

By then, you might need a brand-new phone anyway, because today’s phones, both cordless and corded, room made come last less than a decade, not the two decades or so the rental phones were developed for.

Cordless at&t phones in ~ Sears (1987)

Every at&t Trimline phone, attribute phone, cordless phone and answering device is ~ above sale…


Make and also take calls from everywhere in your house – there is no wires (1982)

No cord come tangle or border you

Once you’ve provided it, you’ll wonder how you ever got follow me without one.

Radio Shack’s brand-new ET-320 all-electronic cordless phone lets you move about and talk—indoors or out—without trailing a cord the tangles, burns or knock’s points over. There’s no monthly rental, so friend actually conserve money on your phone bill!

Its universal Dial device works on every lines — rotating or ton dialing — without extra organization charges. The pushbutton dial is in the handset, for this reason you can call, answer, hang-up and also redial approximately 50 feet from the base unit.

And you acquire one-button Auto-Redial the the critical number called if busy or no answer, and a privacy button so there’s no have to cover the mouth-piece v your hand.

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Ready to usage — just plug AC wall surface outlet. It is adapted to mounting. The handset has integrated rechargeable batteries, automatic recharger in base. Our shortest price yet because that an all-in-one cordless phone call — $139.95.