I’ve discussed recently digital streaming eclipsing CD sales, as well as how cell phones will shortly eclipse landline phones in homes. But what about other tools in the previous several decades? when did they become deemed useless technology?

Below is a list of 7 pieces of useless technology, and also at what point they ended up being deemed yesterday’s tech-news. My allude of determination is once a replacement technology very first outsold (or had larger ownership) than the previous technology.

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Unless otherwise noted, the list is US-centric. The doesn’t average the modern technology ceased come exist in intake or usefulness. Black and white TVs lasted as secondary sets well right into the 80s and also early 90s after ~ they’d lost majority share to color sets. And for some reason, vinyl records have recently seen a comeback.

1. Dial-up Internet access versus broadband

Broadband an initial eclipsed dial-up in united state home intake in in march 2005, every Pew research Center. Dial-up’s due to the fact that gone right into near-oblivion in consumption in the US. As of 2013, just 2% of family members use dial-up.

2. VCRs matches DVD players

For decades, the VCR to be a mainstay in countless homes. However, the American commercial development of the DVD because that sale in 1997 witnessed a rapid decrease in VCRs’ popularity. By 2003, DVD rentals had eclipsed those of VHS videotapes, and also by 2006, American movie studios had ceased releasing films to VHS.

Today, VCRs largely remain as unused dust-collectors, if still set up in life rooms in ~ all, having been long replaced by DVD and Blu-Ray players. And even those 2 optical disc layouts are being replaced by digital and streaming video such as Netflix, iTunes, and also Amazon Video.

3. Rotary-dial phones versus push-button phones

While push-button (aka “Touch-Tone”) phones were presented to the US market in 1963, it took until at some point in the 1980s because that those come eclipse rotary-dial phones in ownership. Maybe the deregulation that the united state phone market via AT&T’s famous breakup in 1984 had actually an impact.

Today, pretty much all phones in use room Touch-Tone, that course.

4. Salary phones versus cabinet phones

Photo by JESHOOTS (Pixabay / CC0)

From what I could find, while cabinet phones were introduced in 1973, it took until about 2000 because that over fifty percent of americans to own a cabinet phone. Today, 90% the Americans own a cabinet phone, when 64% of Americans own a smartphone.

Meanwhile, pay phones have decreased in windy availability. This days, the tougher to uncover one in countless places.

5. Black-and-white TVs versus color TVs

Color TV sales in the US very first eclipsed black-and-white TV sales in 1972. Because then, shade TV’s completely become the norm, while black-and-white TVs became secondary sets, before vanishing fully by the 1990s.

6. CRT TVs versus LCD TVs

Worldwide, LCD TV shipments (and presumably sales) first surpassed CRT TVs in 2008. The transition to digital broadcast in the united state probably assisted spur the switch-over come LCD sets here, in spite of their (at the time) greater cost. Ns bought my first LCD TV in 2009, after mine old CRT set broke.

Today, LCD sets space the norm, with any CRT TVs tho in usage nowadays greatly as secondary TVs.

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7. Movie cameras versus digital cameras

From what I can find, digital camera sales an initial eclipsed film cameras in 2003, through film cameras very quickly dying out soon after; see: the fate that Kodak. Of course, digital cameras themselves have seen sales decline greatly in donate of smartphone cameras, though they’re still the share for skilled or hobbyist photographers.