Photo Booth (well, or just a “photo booth”) is great standard macOS application that permits you to take a snapshot or record a video from a FaceTime camera located in a MacBook or iMac. In this article, us will figure out whereby the captured files go, since finding them with the Finder is not so easy.

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Immediately after taking a photo, a series of pictures (the regime creates a collage of 4 images) or a video recording, all content is displayed on a distinct horizontal panel located above the online camera shutter.


From there, you deserve to right-click on any record or selected data and also export it come the desired location. Well, what if you desire to occupational with the resources of the resulting files? This task is quite solvable.

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Where are picture Booth photos stored ~ above Mac?

one… open a Finder explorer and create a new tab if necessary.

2… In the left next menu, choose the folder “Images“, Well, or in any kind of convenient way, go to it.


3… Right-click ~ above the file “Photo Booth“And select the context menu item”Show package contents“.


four… open the folder “Pictures“, In which every the footage will certainly be located.

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All the means to the processed photo Booth photos:

/ users / Username / images / picture Booth / Pictures

Images are saved in JPEG format and movies room in MOV format.

Where room originals of picture without picture Booth impacts stored ~ above Mac

On a note, it is precious accepting the reality that every unprocessed files are located in the folder “Originals“Available on the adhering to path: