Gulf Wax, a brand of paraffin wax commonly sold in supermarkets and also grocery stores for use in canning.

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You deserve to sometimes buy food class paraffin wax from your neighborhood grocery store, supermarket, or big-box save (check the aisle wherein the canning provides are).

Craft shop or specialty stores that sell supplies for liquid making are also worth check out. Before purchasing, constantly make certain the wax is food grade and also intended for human consumption.


You have the right to purchase that online, in plenty of different quantities. Plenty of candy makers prefer buying the in bead form, due to the fact that it’s less complicated to measure and melt. Be certain to look for product marked as “food grade” if you intend on using it in cacao making or canning.

What is Paraffin Wax?

Paraffin wax was uncovered in 1830; it was found to be cleaner come burn and more reliable product for do candles 보다 tallow. That was no commercially produced until the 1850s as soon as wider-scale commercial techniques to be designed for quicker production of lubricating oil.

A waste product from this process called “slack wax” is provided as the base for paraffin. The “slack” is cook then combined with a solvent. It is then distilled to remove the solvent and also produces the solid well-known as paraffin wax. In part cases, such together if the wax is going come be used for crafting candles, odors and also dyes may be included before packaging the wax for sale.

Is Paraffin Wax Edible?

According to the American Fuel and also Petrochemical Manufacturers, food-grade paraffin wax differs from the industrial-grade kind by being completely refined v an oil content often less 보다 0.5% and no much more than 1.0% of its full molecular weight.

Modern paraffin wax is a translucent white solid provided as a chemical preservative in food. Other names for this food-grade material encompass canning wax, parawax, or baker’s wax. Brands usual in phibìc America include Parowax or Gulf Wax. It might be purchased in chips or solid bars of number of sizes in numerous grocery shop in the united States and Canada.

Uses the Paraffin Wax in Food

Utilizing paraffin wax in foods helps maintain moisture, reduces mold growth and also prevents spoiling. Included to candy and also chocolate, it stays clear of these confections from melting at room temperature and allows them to store their beautiful glossy shine. Well-off desserts prefer chocolate-coated peanut butter balls and turtles would be shapeless masses the sweet goo there is no the enhancement of wax.

Paraffin wax is injected on countless varieties of fruits and vegetables largely to stop them from rotting, however with the included benefit the making castle look shiny beneath the lights in the produce section the the grocery store. Dyes might be added to the wax, especially on fruits choose apples and also oranges, because that the exact same reason.

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Paraffin wax has been one additive in chewing gum because the mid-1850’s. Historically much more common uses for the material had being made into a coating because that cheeses or as a seal for jars of homemade jams and jellies. Food-grade paraffin wax is indigestible and also passes ideal through the body without harm. That is listed as “a for sure food additive” by the FDA.