One that the many resilient and also successful rappers of all time, Snoop Dogg is a survivor of the excellent 1990’s lab scene. Much more than 20 years later, at period 45, he’s among the few rappers native that period still recording, while numerous of his contemporaries are unfortunately long gone.

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Discovered by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog ended up being really famed for his laid-back style, patience vocals and an everlasting love because that weed. His life and also career highs and lows, together with his influential personality carried him both fame and also money, and his network worth was estimated in 2020 at almost $135 million.


Past and Present


Named ~ his stepfather together Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr., Snoop Dogg to be born top top October 20, 1971 in long Beach, California. His real father, Vernell Varnado, a Vietnam war veteran, was many of the times lacking from the boy’s life. His mom nicknamed the Snoopy, because she often said he looked prefer the dog native the Peanuts comics, a moniker which later on transformed into his well known stage name.

His success in music originates from his at an early stage start together a member the the Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church in long Beach, where he played and sang the piano at period five. He began rapping in the 6th grade, and also as a teenager, he was hanging out through gang members, and had constant trouble with the law for medicine possession. During that period, he was in prison numerous times, but he provided his music talent to elevate himself and also stay far from the place.

Doggystyle, his debut album, which was released in 1993, peaked twice at number one on the Billboard 200 charts, and also it’s still one of the most far-ranging album release of the 1990s. Because then he has released thirteen more albums, the recent being Coolaid in 2016.

Through hits favor Drop It favor It’s Hot, which got to the peak of every solitary hip hop chart, and also albums like Doggystyle, which had sold 7 million duplicates in the United says alone, and also over 11 million copies global by November 2015, Snoop Dogg came to be the many ubiquitous male in rapping music industry and one that the richest as well, make music the main resource for his income.

But don’t think that he garnered this fortune native music alone. Snoop donate up his revenue from offering albums through various other ventures.

Movies and also TV shows


Snoop Dogg has actually done some work in the film industry as well. That starred in Starsky and Hutch, which brought him $500.000 earlier in 2004 and also Soul Plane, a movie in i m sorry he play the function of, you’ve guessed it, a weed-loving pilot. Other titles encompass the fear film Bones and the parody Scary Movie 5.

He likewise had his very own reality-show, referred to as Snoop Dogg’s dad Hood, which confirmed the lab artist’s distinct lifestyle and his household, and also he also had assorted supporting and cameo functions in dozens of other movies, tv shows, and video games. Snoop appears to reap making much more than music, doesn’t he? He’s likewise an active entrepreneur and also investor.

Business ventures and Investments


Snoop Dogg established his very own production company, Snoopadelic Films, back in 2005, and also in 2009, he was appointed creative chairman the Priority Records. Through miscellaneous holdings in restaurants and fashion companies, that earned a great $75 million in 2014 alone.

Snoop Dogg likes to put his name, and a cannabis leaf, on anything, as long as that keeps the cashflow strong. You could have heard about Snoopify, the application which carried him $30.000 a mainly in the past, and also Leafs by Snoop, his an individual brand of three products, yet I gambling you didn’t know about the Snoop Dogg Slippers. What’s next? Snoop Pajamas at any time soon? I’m joking. However he’s making an excellent money. And he’s make them just by placing his mark everywhere. Check out his snoopermarket.

Jokes aside, the renowned herbal enthusiast is a successful businessman and also he sees opportunities in every sector, even if it is investing in tech startups, or appearing on TV shows. He’s been an angel investor to much more than 15 companies, some of them gift Reddit, Ustream, Secret, Robinhood, and Philz Coffee. However closer come his spirit is Eaze, a business that delivers medicinal marijuana to the customer’s doorstep, and in less than 10 minutes, they say. Quicker than Domino’s, right?

In 2015, Broadus launched a brand-new digital media organization called funny Jane, which concentrates on news about, you’ve guessed that again, marijuana. Last year, he joked around purchasing the well known soul food restaurant chain, Roscoe’s house of Chicken and also Waffles, to conserve it native bankruptcy, and rumors room that he might actually carry out it.

Snoop Dogg’s vehicle Collection


Snoop’s auto fleet is composed of about 25 cars, many of them classics, native the golden ages that the 60’s and also 70’s. Amongst them there space a rolfes Royce, a Chevrolet, and a beautiful 2008 dodge Challenger with handsome retro styling and also ripping performance.

He also owns a customized 1967 Cadillac Deville, which attributes his name on the former bonnet. However the most precious gem in his unique car collection is that yellow 1967 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible.

Snoop Dogg’s Homes

Snoop Dogg is not just a rapper, but additionally a clever investor. In 1994, the purchased a gorgeous residence in Claremont, California, for just $660,000, and also in 2007 he provided it on revenue for nearly $2 million. The pricey mansion, built earlier in 1989, was initially 3.700 square feet, featuring eight luxurious bedrooms, five and a fifty percent baths, dual master suites, a gourmet kitchen, and a officially entry with marble floors.

He remodeled it in 2006 and almost doubled its size to incorporate a gym, a home theater and also a recording studio, add to an out basketball court, a gorgeous pool and also of course a four-car garage. Snoop moved out the the Claremont residence in 2000, and also he proceeds to very own a four-bedroom, single-family residence in Diamond Bar, California, which the purchased in 1998 because that $720,000, follow to publicly records.

Today the value of this home rises as high together $1,83 million. That could not be in ours list with the most luxurious rapper houses, but it’s quiet a real treat.

Snoop Dogg net Worth over time


Snoop Dogg’s net worth has actually increased in ~ a sluggish pace over the years, v an average yearly revenue of $10 million in the last decade. His very first album alone included $6 million top top his fortune, marketing 806,858 copies straight native the first week, yet Snoop proceeds to knife a lot of on a continuous basis with all his album sales.

The 90’s gained him approximately $9 million with much more than 7 million duplicates sold, if the next decade carried him more than $20 million from over 13 million album sales. In 2007, the ranked 7th ~ above Forbes hip Hop Cash emperors list v $17 million in revenues.

He additionally earns end $2 million top top a continual basis with his most well known songs, play by radio stations. His complete net worth, which in 2011 to be $110 million, enhanced at $120M in 2013, $135M in 2015 and also peaked at almost $150M in 2016, going ago to $135 million this year.

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As you can see, Snoop Dogg’s chill perspective transposes also in the way he makes money. That doesn’t rush, however he doesn’t protect against either.