To understand exactly how the ax dessert came about, we very first have to be clear on what a dessert is and is not.

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First, a dessert is no just one more word because that a sweet food. For example, if friend eat a liquid bar together a snack in the center of the day, this is no a dessert. Dessert is the last component of a meal, and, the is typically sweet.

Our English word dessert comes from a French word an interpretation “to eliminate what has actually been served” or de-serve: desservir.

Desservir acquired from a Latin word for slave, servus.

From servus, came the Latin word servire, definition “to serve.” This word entered French as servir and then was merged with the it is negative suffix des- to mean “un-serve.” This usually meant to remove what had been served. This native which referred to materials of the meal and also everything else on the table that had actually been clearing away when the meal was finished developed into a word that described what was eaten after this occurred.


This indigenous was supplied in France as early as 1539 to refer to what friend ate after ~ the main meal had actually been cleared away from the table. According to Dan Jurafsky, writer of The Language of Food: A research in the language Reads the Menu, these were items such together spiced hippacras wine, fresh or dried fruit, fruit comfits or dragees, nuts covered with a difficult candy shell (like Jordan Almonds or M&M’s).

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There is no connection in between the indigenous dessert and the native desert meaning an arid place. Desert come from a Latin word an interpretation “to abandon,” deserere. This is, as you may have guessed, likewise how we obtained the verb “to desert.”

However, there is a connection between the native dessert, and also the native desert as supplied in the curious expression “to get one’s simply deserts.” Many world do not an alert or realize the this is not the word dessert, and may wonder why a human “getting his dessert” have to be used in a an adverse way, as it is in the expression. The “desert” referred to likewise comes indigenous the Latin native servire, which became desservir in French.

The Latin sevire additionally evolved into one more French word, deservire. This word, very comparable to desservir, had actually a different meaning. The prefix de was not used to typical the very same as our un to become un-serve. Instead, the was used as one intensifier, so that deservir expected “to serve very well.” towards the finish of the 1200s, this word gone into into the English language together desert to median a much-deserved price or prize. Therefore, the phrase “he got his simply desert,” way “he got what he important deserved.”


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