We love words "shenanigans." just saying words is nearly as much fun together planning part shenanigans to pull on someone.

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Shenanigans is provided informally to mean either mischief or pranks, together in Steve and also Matt plan the normal Halloween shenanigans the toilet-papering houses. 

Shenanigans can additionally mean deceit or trickery, together in The company took a hard line against shenanigans prefer filing prices for items never ever purchased. 

Shenanigans is likewise used to median the cheeky or underhanded trick itself, as in After being conned consistently by the gambler, young name warned everyone of the gambler’s invited dice shenanigans. 

Example: We all knew that the plastic spiders were part of Warren’s usual shenanigans.

Where does shenanigans come from?

The first records that shenanigans come from around 1850. The is one Americanism the unknown origin.

The indigenous shenanigans is regularly used to define the useful jokes pulled by youngsters and teenagers or the mischief the they acquire into. When used to describe the activity of adults, the word shenanigans is much more likely to median deceit or trickery.

Because the word shenanigans is informal, as soon as it is used in news media, that is frequently used to explain whimsical mischief or illegal behavior that to be poorly planned or conveniently stopped by the police.

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What space some other develops related come shenanigans?

shenanigan (singular noun)

What room some synonyms for shenanigans?

What space some indigenous that often get supplied in stating shenanigans?

How is shenanigans used in actual life?

Shenanigans is frequently used to explain mischief and also prankish antics, as well as to illegal or unethical behavior.

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Time to ago up and wipe my hard drive and also start every over! Hopefully home windows doesn't have some April Fool's shenanigans up it's sleeve…

— Matt Zagursky (
Sevadus) April 1, 2015

I don't think election fraud is widespread but as a former Philly guy, girlfriend should absolutely take polling location shenanigans seriously

— Patrick Ruffini (
PatrickRuffini) august 13, 2016

To our credit, England's distaste in ~ FIFA's shenanigans typically leads to us leaving the civilization Cup in disgust really early on.

— man Allison