The golfer has actually a close relationship with his mother, who has been spotted in ~ his various competitions cheering that on the sidelines.

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Tiger Woods and his mom Kutilda 'Tida' WoodsCredit: AP:Associated Press

Who is Kutilda Woods?

Kutilda "Tida" Woods, 77, is the mommy of golf legend Tiger Woods.

She hails from Kanchanaburi, Thailand and is one of three siblings.

Her genealogy is a mix that Thai, Chinese and also Dutch and also was increased Buddhist farming up.


Tida Woods has actually an ancestry of Thai, Chinese and DutchCredit: AP:Associated Press

Is Kutilda Woods married?

Tida married Earl Woods Sr. In 1969. She met Earl Woods Sr in 1966 once he was stationed in Thailand with the United claims Army.

She moved with him come America in 1968, and the couple married a year later.

The couple lived in Brooklyn, brand-new York and Tida functioned at a regional bank.

They decided to relocate come California and soon after, she gave birth to Tiger in December 1975 in ~ the age of 31.

Tida widowed after ~ Earl passed away from cancer on might 3, 2006.


Tida married Earl Woods Sr. Yet widowed in 2006Credit: Getty pictures - Getty

What does Kutilda Woods do?

Tida is a philanthropist and also is involved in tasks in Thailand with the Tiger Woods Foundation.

She apparently lives in Florida and lives a low-key life v her miscellaneous dogs.

"My boy knows what sort of mommy I am, therefore why I require other people's approval? You obtain a windy life, you lose a lot. I want to be me," she told ESPN in 2009.

Tida stays close to Tiger and also would to visit his tournaments regularly, often being spotted cheering him on alongside his children.

She confessed to ESPN the she is a "loner," saying: "I am a loner, and also so is Tiger.

We don't waste time with world we don't like. I don't have plenty of close friends. Never have.

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Tida is a philanthropist and is affiliated in tasks in Thailand v the Tiger Woods FoundationCredit: Reuters


Adding: "I am independent and also strong-willed. That way, girlfriend survive."

Tida obtained a mom of the Year compensation an Asian-American organization yet vowed to stay out of the limelight after that.

She regards herself together a caring mother and also told ESPN "Every night, ns pray to the Buddha that in the next life Tiger will be my kid again."