Where is area password 206?

Area password 206 is the area code for Seattle, WA and also the surrounding areas. That is the only area password that serves the area.


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What time region is area password 206?

The 206 area code is situated in the Pacific timezone. The Pacific time ar is additionally known as America/Los_Angeles. Together of the last time this page was loaded, the present time is 4:33pm.


206 is among the original 86 area codes created by AT&T and also the Bell device in 1947. It initially served the entire state the Washington. 206 was separation in 1995 developing the must update few of the phone numbers to area password 360, and again in 1997 to produce area code 425, and again in 1997 to create area password 253.

Nearby Area Codes

CityTotal Population% of 206% of City
Seattle, WA608,66037%100%
Shoreline, WA53,0073%100%
Burien, WA33,3133%100%
SeaTac, WA26,9093%99%
Mercer Island, WA22,6993%100%
Des Moines, WA29,6731%76%
Bainbridge Island, WA23,02516%97%
Tukwila, WA19,1072%90%
Bryn Mawr-Skyway, WA15,6451%90%
White Center, WA13,4951%100%
Lake woodland Park, WA12,5981%99%
Vashon, WA10,62421%100%
Riverton, WA6,4070%100%
Normandy Park, WA6,3352%100%
Boulevard Park, WA5,2870%100%
Edmonds, WA39,7090%5%
Woodway, WA1,3070%14%


40%Qwest Corporation
6%International Telcom, Ltd
3%Teleport America
3%Integra Telecom
1%Mcimetro accessibility Transmission Services

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7%Verizon Wireless
5%Usa Mobility Wireless
1%American messaging (am)
1%365 Wireless

Sources: north American numbering Plan administration (NANPA), telecom providers, and the U.S. Census Bureau.