Why carry out we dissect frogs? together it turns out, a frog dissection, like other facility animal dissections,reveals enough about how our bodies job-related to it is in valuable. They’re also practical, too.

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A frog dissection is cheaper to conduct than bigger animal and organ dissections. They’re smaller animals (requiring much less manual dexterity) and also can it is in raised conveniently for activities work.

Introduction come Frogs

Frogs are animals that belong to the class Amphibia, typically known together amphibians.

Amphibians live both ~ above land and in the water; periodically they live in water only before they are completely grown. They have moist skin the water can pass in and out of, and most of lock spend component of your life (in the tadpole-like larva stage before they mature) in the water. The surname Amphibian way literally ‘both life.’

There are three orders of amphibians: frogs and also toads v over 2,000 species, salamanders (including newts) with around 300 species, and also caecilians with about 160 species.

What makes frogs various from various other amphibians? They have actually smooth skin, room usually tailless as adults, and also have the ability to leap.

Some frogs space aquatic, spending most of your time in the water. Others space terrestrial, staying greatly on floor or in trees. (Toads are additionally tailless, leaping amphibians, however they usually have rough, warty skin.)

Frogs range in size from much less than 0.5 inches to 12 inch long!

Frog scientific research Lesson

Frog Life Cycle


The lifecycle of a frog begins with a fertilized egg. The female frog normally lays egg in water in a cable or mass that sticks come vegetation. The male frog fertilizes the eggs together they room laid. The outer layer that a fertilized egg is a jelly-like material that swells in water, developing a safety coating. The fertilized egg is a solitary cell that quickly divides again and again, producing new cells the quickly differentiate into the organs of the frog embryo. In ~ 2 to 25 days, relying on water temperature, the egg hatches right into a tadpole. The tadpole looks much more like a fish at first than favor a frog. Together the tadpole develops, it develops gills that permit it to breathe efficiently underwater. The tail grow longer and a fin forms, which enables the tadpole come swim effectively.

The tadpole continues to swim, eat and grow for numerous weeks prior to it matures to the following stage. The first sign the further development is the figure of hind legs. Climate front foot develop and the tail becomes much shorter as the is resorbed. Internally, the tadpole’s gills are replaced with lungs until ultimately the tadpole has come to be a frog. The young frog grows and matures come adulthood end a period of 2-4 years. The adult frogs then lay their eggs and begin the cycle again.

Anatomy the Adult Frogs

Some frogs room able come leap 20 times your body length! their front legs room short and specially designed to absorb the affect of landing. Your muscular back legs likewise work well for swimming. Aquatic frogs have webbed behind feet, usually with 5 toes. Your front feet are not webbed and usually have four toes. Tree frogs have suction cups on their toes that allow them come cling to the bark that trees.

Frogs have large, bulging eyes that revolve in their socket, providing sight in almost any direction. Your nostrils are situated on the optimal of the head to permit breathing while most of the head is submerged. Back frogs have a good sense the hearing, lock don’t have usual external ears. Instead, frogs have a tympanic membrane behind each eye. These choose up sound waves and carry them into their interior ears. Frogs’ tongues room usually long and sticky and designed to it is in flicked out easily to catch insects and also other prey.

Frogs have actually skin the is specially designed to defend them from their enemies and to defend them from dry out. Come hide from your enemies, frogs have camouflage skin colorings that assist them to mix in through their surroundings. One-of-a-kind pigment cell in their skin regulate the camouflage pattern and also colors. Also, some frogs have actually serous glands in your skin, which secrete toxicity that will certainly irritate the mouth of your predators. Southern American tree frogs secrete a fatal poison, but most are simply irritating to humans. To aid them store from drying out, frogs have actually mucous glands the secrete a waterproof coating to keep their skin moist and also slippery.

Have you ever before wondered just how frogs breathe? when under water, frogs get their oxygen indigenous water the passes v their skin. Capillaries take the oxygen from the skin right into the bloodstream. ~ above land, frogs usually get oxygen by taking air with their throats right into saclike lungs. Frog hearts have three chambers.

To find out more about frogs, execute research on among these topics: what kinds of frogs live in your area? deserve to you find more than one varieties of tadpole locally? If so, to compare them. What do neighborhood frogs eat? exactly how would the mosquito populace be affected if over there were few or no frogs in a swampy region? pick a frog or frog characteristic that is exciting to you, and see what girlfriend can find out about it. Look for close-up frog images in a newspaper like nationwide Geographic or top top a website.

Frog Dissection Guide

One of the ideal ways to learn about adult amphibian anatomy is to dissect a preserved frog and see exactly how all the guts fit together inside that is body. Usage this guide for complete instructions.

Watch this video to acquire started!

What You’ll Need

You can obtain a practically frog dissection kit, or collect the complying with items:

Frog outside Anatomy – observation Guide

Look very closely at the maintained frog. Notice its powerful hind legs because that jumping. The hind foot have five webbed digits (toes), if the front legs have 4 digits without webbing. Observe the the frog’s skin is colored and also spotted to help camouflage it. This colour can adjust and is regulated by pigment cells in the skin referred to as chromatophores. At the basic of the frog’s back, situate the anus, which is the opening from which waste, eggs, and sperm are discharged.

On the frog’s head, watch the large, bulging eyes that turn to enable sight in countless directions. Frogs don’t have outside ears, however just behind every eye is a round, flat membrane dubbed a tympanum (ear drum) the senses sound waves. The tympanum top top females is comparable in dimension to the eye, but much bigger on males. Look because that the nostrils (external nares) in front of the eyes, then open the frog’s mouth to view the inner opening of the nostrils (internal nares). (Cut the hinge joints of the mouth with scissors to do it less complicated to open.) close to the internal nares are two vomerine teeth on the roof of the mouth. Obstacle your finger follow me the in salt of the top jaw to feeling the small maxillary teeth. Masculine frogs have actually openings to the vocal sacs near the hinges that the lower jaw.

Frog internal Anatomy – Dissection Guide

Click for full-size pdf
Lay the frog top top its back, spread out that is limbs, and pin them to the tray. Use forceps to lift the skin in between the hind legs and make a little incision through a scalpel. Proceed the reduced up the facility of the frog’s body v scissors, being mindful to reduced through the skin only. Use forceps to organize the skin away from the muscle while friend cut, if necessary. Make horizontal incisions just over the legs and just below the arms, then fold the result flaps ago and pin them. (You may need to use a lance to assist separate the skin native the muscle underneath as you wrinkles it back.)Repeat the incisions together before, this time cutting with the muscle layer to a allude just below the arms. Lift the muscle v the forceps to prevent cutting the organs underneath.When you reach the area just listed below the arms, turn your scissors and make horizontal cuts through the difficult sternum. Repeat the horizontal cuts just over the arms, and then eliminate the bony strips entirely. Pen the continuing to be muscle flaps back, just just like the skin.Look into the human body cavity. The yellow finger-like projections ~ above the sides space the fat bodies. It might be crucial to remove some of this in order to check out the organs clearly. Likewise, a female specimen may have actually well-developed eggs filling the human body cavity and obscuring the organs. Remove them together necessary.

Now identify the significant organs:

Click because that full-size pdf

Use this printable frog dissection diagram with labeled parts (.pdf) as a guide for locating them.

Heart. The frog’s heart is the little triangular body organ at the top. Unlike a mammal heart, the only has three chambers — 2 atria in ~ the top and one ventricle below. Closely cut far the pericardium, the slim membrane neighboring the heart. Notification the arteries connected to the optimal of the heart, offering it a ‘Y’ shape.

Liver. Just listed below the heart, the three-lobed liver is the largest organ in the frog’s body.

Gall Bladder. Lift up the lobes of the liver to discover the tiny greenish-brown sac that the bile bladder nestled between them. This shop bile created by the liver.

Lungs. Again, lift the lobes the the liver to find the lungs on either next of the heart. They are made that a spongy tissue.

Stomach. Curving below the liver is the stomach; it looks prefer a big whitish tube. After identify the other organs, you deserve to open the stomach and also see what the frog ate. (Frogs swallow your food whole.)

Small Intestine. The stomach connects come the tiny intestine. The an initial section, or duodenum, is reasonably straight, however the rest of the intestine is coiled and also held in location by a blood-vessel-filled membrane referred to as the mesentery.

Pancreas. The kidnize is a thin, flat, ribbon-like body organ that lies in between the stomach and also the small intestine.

Large Intestine. The small intestine narrows to the point where the meets the shorter, wider large intestine. This opens into a chamber referred to as the cloaca, the critical stop before wastes departure the body through the cloacal opening, or anus. The frog’s sperm or eggs additionally exit through the cloaca.

Spleen. Elevator the tiny intestine to discover the round, reddish spleen attached to the mesentery on the underside. The spleen stores blood as component of the circulatory system.

Ovaries. Mrs frogs have ovaries full of dark-colored eggs; if the eggs are well-developed, the ovaries will be very large and visible. If not, background the stomach and intestines to see the ovaries in ~ them.

Oviducts. Move the ovaries come one side to see the coiled pipe of the oviducts. If the egg in the ovaries are not totally developed, the oviducts will be tiny and strict coiled.

Kidneys. The kidneys are flat, oval-shaped organs on the back wall surface of the human body cavity in ~ the ovaries.

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Testes. Male frogs have bean-shaped testes enclosed to your kidneys.

When you’re done, print out this diagram and also fill in the labels you yourself to check your understanding of frog anatomy:

Think you’re prepared to dissect something a little bigger? lamb are a an excellent next step up. Check out our sheep dissection specimens listed below to proceed your dissection journey and exploration!