Can friend buy stones in Pokemon black 2?

In Pokémon black color 2 and also White 2, the player have the right to purchase advancement stones in black City and also White forest on weekdays. The Thunderstone, Fire Stone, Dusk Stone, and Dawn rock can be purchased in black color City; if the sheet Stone, Water Stone, and also Shiny stone can it is in purchased in White Forest.

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Can you buy a water stone in black 2?

Water stone Location: Water rock is discovered in Bridge field (Wild Area). A Youngster on this course will inform the player around ledge jumping. The player’s mother can likewise purchase it once they leaving their money with her.

Where have the right to I get a Firestone in black 2?


In the south west corner of desert resort, or behind the pokemon facility in Lentimas Town, reachable by complying with the fence in the airplane runway. Profession 3BP (Battle Points) in ~ eather the Pokemon human being Tournament or the battle Subway. You have the right to buy it at black color city after ~ you cleared the black tower.

How perform you obtain a dark rock in Pokemon black 2?

The Dark rock returns in Pokémon black color 2, whereby N provides it to the player character after defeating his level 70 Zekrom, so one can take it to Dragonspiral Tower to reawaken it and catch it. It will certainly still be at level 70.

What level must I evolve growlithe in black 2?

Wait until you obtain flare blitz at level 45, the is its strongest move. Climate you can teach that wild charge with tm, it learns outrage in ~ 43. Also, nearby Combat is good, but that is one egg move. Then go to the relocate tutor and reteach the extremespeed once you evolve that :P.

How perform you obtain a dusk rock in Pokemon Black?

Mistralton Cave and Route 10, but you can find much more dusk stones in swirling dust in any kind of cave, and also you can purchase them in the shop in black City ( Exclusive come Pokemon black ).

What is the best level come evolve Eevee?

With most rock evolution Pokemon, I’d introduce waiting until they room at least level 30 before evolving them. Eevee is a unique case and also I would certainly recommend utilizing that Thunder stone as quickly as you deserve to so the Jolteon does not miss out on learning it’s beforehand moves.

What level must I offer Growlithe a fire stone?

Among the little list of stone evolutions, Growlithe is just one of 4 Pokémon that evolves utilizing the Fire Stone. Before Pokémon sword & Pokémon Shield, that was best to evolve Growlithe in ~ level 45 to get all of his moves, however with the relocate Reminder, you deserve to learn all of Growlithe’s moves without having actually to wait.

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Can Eevee evolve v a dusk stone?

Shiny Stones are provided to evolve Togetic and Roselia. Dusk Stones are provided to evolve Murkrow and Misdreavus….Water Stone.

Water stone evolutions