When you're functioning on a multi-page document, there may be times as soon as you want to have much more control over how specifically the message flows. Breaks can be beneficial in these cases. There space many varieties of breaks to select from relying on what girlfriend need, including page breaks, section breaks, and column breaks.

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Watch the video clip below to learn more about using breaks in Word.

To insert a web page break:

In our example, the section headers on web page three (Monthly Revenue and also By Client) are separated indigenous the table top top the web page below. And while we might just push Enter until that text reaches the peak of page four, it could easily it is in shifted about if we added or deleted something in another part of the document. Instead, we'll insert a web page break.

Place the insertion point where you want to produce the page break. In our example, we'll location it in ~ the beginning of ours headings.

On the Insert tab, click the Page Break command. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Enter on her keyboard.


By default, breaks are invisible. If you want to watch the breaks in your document, click the Show/Hide command top top the Home tab.


Section breaks

Section breaks develop a barrier in between different components of a document, permitting you to format each ar independently. Because that example, you may want one section to have two columns without adding columns to the whole document. Word supplies several types of ar breaks.

Next Page: This option inserts a section break and also moves text after the rest to the next page that the document. Continuous: This choice inserts a section break and enables you to continue working ~ above the same page.Even Page and also Odd Page: these options include a ar break and move the text after the rest to the next even or strange page. These options may be helpful when you need to start a brand-new section on an even or odd web page (for example, a new chapter the a book).

To insert a section break:

In ours example, we'll add a section break to different a i from a two-column list.

Place the insertion point whereby you desire to produce the break. In our example, we'll ar it at the start of the i we want to different from two-column formatting.
On the Page Layout tab, click the Breaks command, then select the wanted section break from the drop-down menu. In our example, we'll select Continuous so our paragraph continues to be on the same page as the columns.
The text before and also after the section break can now be formatted separately. In ours example, we'll use one-column formatting to the paragraph.
The formatting will be applied to the current section the the document. In ours example, the text over the section break uses two-column formatting, when the paragraph listed below the break offers one-column formatting.

Other types of breaks

When you desire to style the figure of columns or modify text wrapping around an image, word offers added break alternatives that can help:

To delete a break:

By default, breaks are hidden. If you want to delete a break, you'll very first need to present the breaks in your document.

On the Home tab, click the Show/Hide command.

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Scroll come the Revenue Projections section close to the end of the document.Remove the web page break after the Quarter 2 Projections by customer chart.Place her cursor in ~ the start of the header Web app Projections.Insert a Next web page section break.In the Page Setup team on the Layout tab, click the Columns drop-down menu and also choose One. This styles the page earlier to one column and also should allow the Web app Projections header and the table listed below it to span across the page. You will learn much more about columns in our next lesson.When you're finished, the last two pages should look something favor this: