Europe has a varied maritime environment and also is home to few of the many technologically ambitious port in the world and this acquired us thinking: what is the busiest Mediterranean port?

The Mediterranean Sea has actually been a crucial maritime and commercial course for millennia.

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Hemmed in in between three continents, it to be the lifeblood for numerous of antiquity’s many enduring civilizations and was a marine and vendor base for the modern world’s wealthiest empires.

Today, it is home to 87 harbor of various sizes and also strengths offer local and international markets. However, we want to ask: what space the five busiest harbor on the Mediterranean?

This list shows that it remains, as it constantly has been, a beacon of naval innovation. It especially container throughput and also is specific as of march 2019.

1. Harbor of Valencia, Spain


The port of Valencia is the 2nd largest port in Spain but handles much more TEU than any kind of other ~ above the Mediterranean. In 2018 it had a throughput of about 5.1 million TEU, making that the fifth busiest port in Europe.

It maintained its throughput in November 2019, when it as soon as again exceeded five million TEUs. The figures also show that the united state is the port’s best trading partner, a demonstration of its an international reach.

Its plans because that the short and also long term are heavily concentrated on ‘green innovation’, i m sorry it described in an exclusive interview to PTI at the 2019 smart Digital port of the Future conference (SDP19).

2. Harbor of Piraeus, Greece


The harbor of Piraeus is the biggest port in Greece and the 6th in Europe v a TEU throughput of 4.9 million.

Already a major Mediterranean port, the is at this time going through a change thanks come Chinese state-owned shipping giant COSCO.

In October 2019 COSCO had actually a $672.9 million investment plan approved by Greece’s Committee of planning and development of Ports.

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The arrangement for this investment is to turn Piraeus right into a key part that Beijing’s Belt and also Road initiative (BRI) and ultimately China’s gateway right into the Mediterranean.

3. Port of Algeciras, Spain


The port of Algeciras taken on 4.7 million TEU in 2018, an increase on 2017of 8.9%, making it is the 3rd busiest port on the Mediterranean and also seventhin Europe.

Its container operation revolves approximately being the staging suggest for shippinglines connecting Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia, and being theWestern Mediterranean’s marine pulse.

In august 2019 Algeciras tackled the MSC Gulsun, the greatest container shipin the world, during its maiden voyage.

It has ongoing to invest in port facilities in to order toconsistently handle the biggest ships in the world, also environmentallyfriendly innovations to cut waste.

4. Harbor of Barcelona, Spaon


In 2018 3.4 millionTEU passed v the harbor of Barcelona, making it the fourth busiest harbor on the Mediterranean and also ninth in Europe.

It has made good efforts to enhance its operations, including a 31%increase to its refrigerated container capacity. APM Terminals, that mainterminal operator, announced one investment setup of $51.3 million to increasecapacity.

Among its current purchases space 29 straddle carriers and also a fleet of SuperPost-Panamax cranes, which are qualified of dealing with ships through 23 containers acrossthe beam to it is in loaded and also unloaded.

In an interview in ~ SDP19 Carles Rua, port of Barcelona’s Chief creation Officer, speak in detail around the port’s plans for 2020.

5. Harbor of Marsaxlokk, Malta


The port of Marsaxlokk, or Malta Freeport, tackled 3.3 million TEU in 2018,an rise of 5.1%, making it the 5th busiest port on the Mediterranean and10th in Europe.

It to be the very first transhipment hub in the Mediterranean when it wasestablished in 1988 and also today continues to emphasis on its initial expertise,with 96% that its website traffic being in transhipments.

However, its growth has also seen it manage the recent fleet the megaships;in November 2019 the 20,954 TEU CMA CGM Jean Memoz ended up being the largest vessel toever contact at Malta Freeport, demonstrating its status as another greatMediterranean marine hub.