Trailer Hitch course Models 1, 2, 3, 4 and also 5 obtainable For immediate Purchase & Installation

Most Hitches mounted While girlfriend Wait!

Hitch house of Georgia uses the best an option of trailer hitches in town. We offer classes 1- 5 receiver hitches. Our firm offers major brands. We are an authorized reseller that Curt and DrawTite trailer hitches. Our team have the right to install the right trailer hitch class for your auto while you wait!

Trailer hitches come in countless different styles and also classes. If girlfriend aren’t certain what trailer hitch course is best for her car, we encourage girlfriend to check in through our hitch experts. Us can help you identify the specific trailer hitch for your make and also model vehicle and towing needs.

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We offer course 1 – 5 trailer hitches, Gooseneck Hitches and Weight Distributing Hitches. Identify the right trailer hitch course or type for you needs that we totally understand the specifics of what you intend to tow. The tongue load (the load the hitch has to carry) and also the weight carrying capacity or draw weight (the load the hitch has to pull) and also the year, make and also model of your vehicle.

Class 1 through course 3 hitches all look and operate pretty much the same. Some of these hitches space barely visible once the hitch tongue is removed. The industry generally refers to these as concealed or concealed hitches. Other trailer hitches stick the end a little further and are termed together exposed hitches. The trailer hitch course relates generally to the thickness, or gauge that the steel offered to manufacture the hitch. It also relates to the particular towing and tongue weight volume the hitch deserve to handle. As hitch class increases, so does the tensile strength of the steel offered in the design and also the all at once weight the the yes, really hitch. Class 4 and over hitches space for hefty duty hauling jobs.

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Which Trailer Hitch class Is right For mine Needs?

Class 1 Trailer Hitches

This class of trailer hitch is typically installed on passenger cars. We offer a selection of Curt course 1 rear an installed receiver hitches. This hitches are designed to be set up on domestic and also foreign vehicles. A course 1 trailer hitch typically has a preferably towing capacity of around 2,000 pounds. They room perfect for towing tiny light duty trailers, little boats or hitch placed bike racks for moving up to two bikes.