Seasoned investors room on the lookout because that upcoming tech startup pre-IPOs. And for an excellent reason.

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The world’s peak businesses with current market valuations above $1 trillion all have one point in common: They’re all tech startups.

Considering the ever-changing nature of modern technology and its strong case for an extensive financial gain, it no surprising that technology startups space popping up left and right during this time.

These high potential service providers are great investment opportunities for those really reasons, and investing in tech startup pre-IPO is an even smarter move that may reap plenty of rewards.

What is a pre-IPO?

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Why investing in tech startup pre-IPO renders senseBest Practices when investing in technology startup Pre IPO

Before us can get in learning just how you can invest in tech startups pre-IPO, we an initial have to know what the is.

Pre-IPO means “pre-initial windy offering.” This is the stage once founders would market shares come their technology startup before it’s consisted of in a public exchange listing.

Investing during a startup’s beforehand stages help its founders get enough capital to launch and also scale.

If early-stage investing sounds also risky, an ext conservative investors can still acquire in on the pre-IPO action by picking to invest throughout the second or third rounds of funding.

This way, investors are afforded far better insight into whether or no a tiny business is marketable for other, more aggressive investors and also for their intended client base.

This setup is favorable for investors who want to interact with most new companies in any type of industry, yet especially through the an ext sophisticated tech space.

Why investing in tech startup pre-IPO makes sense

Large exclusive equity firms and savvy investor jump ~ above the chance to invest in a tech startup pre-IPO due to the fact that of the complying with benefits.

Exponential ROI

Investors have the right to sell their shares for a much higher rate once the tech firm goes public. Undertaking capitalists, because that example, deserve to expect a usually ROI of 10x within 4-5 years.

What’s more, this investors continue to earn passive revenue through dividends over time. A humble expectation of over 15x in ROI growth is reasonable for many investors.

Avoid stock volatility

Events like the COVID-19 pandemic can have a far-ranging impact ~ above the economy, causing the share price in publicly traded companies to plummet.

Pre-IPO investments are less likely come be affected by societal occasions that cause shifts within the stock market, as shares space not however made public.

For instance, if the stock market experienced a general downturn due to the coronavirus epidemic, tech startups choose Netflix and Amazon continued to thrive substantially.

Even technology giants prefer Apple and Facebook that proficient losses throughout the first quarter the 2020, your losses space still over S&P 500’s an unfavorable median of 12.20%.

Source: Statista

For one investor, this is still good news. That’s since even despite they suffered losses in their portfolio, it would certainly not take long for lock to recuperate this.

But if you invested through these technology startups pre-IPO, you’ve currently earned a considerable return on her investment. In effect, the losses you incurred resulting indigenous the COVID-19 pandemic top top your invest were in the direction of your profits, and not ~ above the initial amount you’ve invested.

Shorter hold times

Another benefit of investing in pre-IPO tech startups is the much shorter holding period.

If you select to invest with a technology startup pre-IPO, you only forced to organize on to her shares anywhere between three months and also two years.

On the various other hand, those that choose to wait because that the startups’ an additional offering before they invest would need to wait longer.

That’s because they’ll very first have come wait because that the tech startup to go public. That alone deserve to take up to 10 year to happen. Then, you’ll need to wait for the technology startup come announce their second offering. Just then would certainly they have the ability to invest.

By the moment that happens, the re-publishing prices would certainly have currently gone up. For this reason while those the invested in the technology startup pre-IPO stage are already earning dividends, you’re just starting.

While a higher ROI deserve to be meant from irreversible investments in the pre-IPO sense, that has additionally been proven the some technology businesses to be still may be to provide positive return in the tiny window in between the last round of exclusive funding and also declaring the IPO prefer in the instance with startups Zoom and Pinterest.

Proven success rate

Tech startups have a optimistic track record as soon as it concerns growing in share value. Simply in the critical decade, it has been taped that technology stocks have actually increased in dividend value by about 25% per year.

All this said, it need to be provided that there are financial risks are brewing in the investment practice.

For pre-IPO investing in particular, investors operation the danger of shedding money when the agency goes public v a low valuation. In 2019, just 24% of IPOs to be reported through Goldman Sachs to have been financially rewarding in the first year of trading.

There is additionally the opportunity that personal companies and startups may hold-up going public early out to worries in corporate governance or are afraid of the share market.

While there is risk in investing pre-IPO technology startups – lot like investing in the stock market, no much less – the demonstrated services such as outweigh the potential costs, particularly in the industry that restrict the service world.

That said, below are advice on exactly how to select the ideal pre-IPO technology startups come invest in so that you can avoid enduring these mishaps.

1. Ask Around

Banks, audit firms, and also other loaning facilities often have actually a working brochure of private client companies who are searching for investors.

If you’ve invested in the past, get in touch with your stockbroker or investment adviser so you can uncover pre-IPO technology startups worth investing in.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any type of experience in investing and also trading stocks, there are advisory firms and also investment brokers who specialize in pre-IPO placements.

2. Construct Your service Network

Smart company connections are integral if you plan on investing in technology startups pre-IPO. These relationships can attach you with industry leaders and financially rewarding investment opportunities that’ll open up in the near future.

Startup incubators and also accelerators are an excellent platforms to join and participate in if you space looking come invest her coins in high potential technology businesses.

Established startup programs from top firms such as Y Combinator and also Quest Ventures have paved the routes to success for few of the biggest names in technology today, like Airbnb and also Dropbox.

For new tech startup pre-IPO investor such as yourself, these programs and also ensuing events can assist you not just meet fellow investors but likewise learn an ext about up-and-coming technology startups and their products and also services.

3. Check Tech Startup Directories

Looking in ~ startup directories is a worthwhile endeavor when deciding to invest in pre-IPO technology startups.

Aside indigenous the opportunity to find innovative companies, these service directories also permit you to see exactly how well beforehand consumers receive details products and also services.

Of course, it needs to be stated that part startup directories are less respectable than others and also that by association, individual technology startups become less vendible and also less trustworthy.

Thankfully, Google currently makes an excellent job distinguishing in between legitimate pages and low-quality ones by grouping net sites into backlink-heavy neighborhoods and giving an unfavorable rankings come spammy pages.

That said, budding investors still have to do their due research study to pick tech startups the have provided themselves in well-established magazine websites such as Crunchbase or ProductHunt.

Crunchbase is the top platform for information on startups, sector trends, and investing spaces – making this site perfect for traditionalists who want to invest in a selection of industries (including tech.)


On the other hand, ProductHunt is the go-to directory for digital products offered by technology startups.


4. Utilize secondary Market and also Crowdfunding Platforms

Secondary market and crowdfunding communication such as AngelList, Webull, and Republic do the inside workings and processes behind pre-IPO placements much more accessible and much more transparent to potential investors.

Tech startup pre-IPO investors can also monitor the news and also relevant information regarding startups that are planning to walk public.

You have the right to then reach the end to these startup founders and also offer your financial support. In exchange, you can receive shares in their startup.

5. Put the Groundwork to come to be an angel Investor

Angel investors are men and women the invest in technology startups utilizing their very own financial sources (Think Shark Tank). Castle also aid build a company’s funding in exchange because that shares in the company.

With the ideal tools and also a penchant because that planning, ending up being an point of view investor is a lot less daunting task than it is made to be.

At the exact same time, coming to be a technology startup point of view investor might be extremely financially rewarding once investments space made before these tech startups go public.

If you accomplish accredited investor standards, climate you are one action closer to start your journey together an angel investor.

This is an essential since just accredited point of view investors are enabled to get involved in pre-IPO and other securities offerings.

Of course, becoming an point of view investor and establishing oneself in the angel ar does not end in accreditation.

You also need to determine how much of your invest portfolio you’d want to dedicate to point of view investments.

Ideally, you must only allocate in between 5% and also 10% the your entire portfolio to it.

That’s due to the fact that angel investments’ liquidity is very low, for this reason it’ll take time because that you come cash in on your investment.

6. Attend technology Startup key Events

Pitching competitions are critical opportunities for founders to get their startup in prior of jar investors and also industry leader to secure the accumulation they have to scale.

Startup key competitions offer you the chance to learn much more about the startup you are planning come invest in. They’re also an excellent avenues to accomplish other fellow investors.

More important, you develop a an ext profound knowledge of the audience that the tech startup you intend to fund.

You can choose to reach out to young business man in these events and mentoring them. In turn, you rise their chances for your startup (and your investment) to it is in successful.

Some instances of trustworthy startup key competitions to to visit are web Summit and also Y Combinator Demo Day.

Web Summit is thought about one of the largest tech conferences in the people in regards to scope and also influence. It’s additionally one that the many inclusive as soon as it concerns its attendees and participants.

Y Combinator Demo Day, ~ above the other hand, employs a an ext intimate setup and boasts exclusivity amongst highly respected investors and also the many promising startups.


Source: YCombinator

7. Sign up with a Syndicated angel List

A syndicated angel list is a practical resources avenue where investors can fulfill like-minded angels and also raise the necessary funding needed come propel a details tech startup pre-IPO.

Unlike endeavor capitalist (VC) firms who invest upwards come millions in exchange because that a higher ROI, syndicates and angel groups frequently cap their investments in the thousands, making the last a much more sensible option for the startup market.

One that the services of involvement a syndicated angel list is that you’re no coming in as an individual investor. So, the lot of paperwork you need to complete is lesser.

Through a special Purpose auto (SPV), a team of as much as 99 investors deserve to invest in tech startups together one entity. Law this minimizes the number of applications and forms come process.

Another benefit of involvement syndicated angel groups that friend can develop a service ecosystem of pre-IPO technology startups.

Building relationship with technology startup founders boosts the exposure of various other companies you’ve invest in as an angel investor.

In turn, these startup founders deserve to introduce girlfriend to other tech startup pre-IPOs that may fit your criteria.

You can additionally discover those startups that have actually the highest expansion potential.

8. Usage a stock Tokenization Solution

Stock tokenization describes the process of dispensing one equivalent number of blockchain security tokens to the share you purchased native a tech startup pre-IPO. These digital tokens can then be traded in the very same manner as you would certainly in the share market.

Through stock tokenization communication such together Tzero and Tzero, holders of private service shares can convert “tokens” right into cash, allowing ease of stock liquidity.

Additionally, investors can conveniently buy and also hold ~ above asset tokens together stock tokenization employs a peer to peer commerce setup. The key to making certain that one enjoys personal equity together an investors is to occupational with reputable wealth managers.

These wealth supervisors have substantial experience dealing with assets and also shares that legitimate and also well-established companies. Together a result, lock can immediately tell you even if it is or no a tech startup is precious the investment.

Best Practices once investing in tech startup Pre IPO

1. Understand the dangers Involved

Every service investor will tell you that every investment opportunity comes through a same amount that risk.

It’s crucial that girlfriend employ educated decision making when investing in one of two people the pre-IPO an are or the share market.

Most conservative investors will choose investing in startups and companies that have actually been publicly for part time.


It’s because much more information about their development trajectory and overall success is readily accessible in stock market charts and reports.

Private companies and boards are commonly not forced to disclose certain information to the public. This is primarily because of the nature of company ownership. Due to the fact that of this, the information you gather around the tech startup’s performance is limited.

There is also the looming threat that the tech startup you’ve invested in wouldn’t survive.

As who investing in technology startup pre-IPO, you require to take on the losses as with with your profits.

Remember that you deserve to lose what you’ve invest in a technology startup pre-IPO since of the existing economic environment.

Fortunately, companies currently recognize together risk and would frequently offer discounted prices because that shares to lure angel investment and early-stage funding.

Most technology startup product development tasks rely top top applications and also software. Together such, they have the right to start operations at a minimal cost. That’s why they deserve to perform positive on smaller capital funds.

Only consider investing in tech startup pre-IPO if you’re comfortable with these risks. That’s because even early-stage tech startups have the right to potentially yield enormous profit once it goes public.

2. Study the legit Documents

Collecting and analyzing the technology startup pre-IPO’s records doesn’t finish in identify the risks. No does is developing a risk monitoring strategy because that your final step in the process.

Make sure that the tech startup you’re planning come invest in has actually the required papers for them to operate.

For instance, placements and also securities by pre-IPO tech startups have to either it is in registered or exempt under the rules of the SEC or her state securities regulator.

Documents and SEC filings such as the prospectus and the type 10-K have to indicate the technology startup’s history, traditional operations, and also financial condition in detail as audited through accredited legitimate and bookkeeping professionals.

As a prospective investor, you may access a startup’s SEC filings with the EDGAR company or the electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval System.

The EDGAR device offers public access to approximately 3,000 terabytes of company data annually; this includes, however is not minimal to, securities offered by the startup, their maturity dates, and the company’s jae won operations.

3. Carry out the computations to view if you acquire the very same results

Investing in tech startups pre-IPO needs a clear understanding of the investing procedure and the company’s perceived valuation.

Tech startup pre-IPO normally discloses that projected revenue growth. Together an investor, it’s going to it is in in your ideal interest to do diligent research and check around it.

Return on investment (ROI) is the most metric investor monitor and review. That’s because the data they’ll acquire shows you even if it is the technology startup’s quiet viable. Expressed as a percentage, you deserve to calculate your ROI by using any kind of of these 2 formulas:

Source: Investopedia

As for your net return, you have the right to calculate because that this by making use of this formula:

Net Return = The latest value of the investment – previous security price

Consequently, the in its entirety costs sheathe the purchase price and also commissions paid throughout the process.

A net return greater than the overall costs makes a confident ROI percentage. ~ above the other hand, a reduced net gain means a an adverse ROI.

4. Start Small

Once you’ve uncovered a tech startup pre-IPO, don’t rush right into investing your money. Instead, put in a tiny amount first. Climate see exactly how it performs.

If things job-related out, you can always invest an ext money right into the technology startup. But if the doesn’t, you won’t shed a lot of money in the process.

Another alternative is to sign up because that angel groups or investing v capital structure firms.

5. Familiarize Yourself v the Guidelines

Excitement over a high potential tech startup or the early stage investment endure can easily get the best out of also the most seasoned investor.

Unfortunately, not all startups come to be successful.

That’s why I extremely recommend that you follow set investment indict strictly.

Understand the market and diversify your invest portfolio. Sector timing is an investment conventional that all angels and venture capitalists abide by, so be patient.

Another an important principle in investing is keeping prices low. Get aid from a broker with reasonable rose or investing v a firm through low transaction costs.

Additionally, crucial guideline to monitor is working through your hazard tolerance in mind. Be realistic around investment returns. That method you’ll know exactly how long to store your money in the market. Friend can additionally determine which investments do the most sense for her goals.

In early time, this guidelines will certainly be less complicated to manage, and pre-IPO investing will nearly feel like 2nd nature.

Tech startup pre-IPO investments are worth the risk and money.

Investing in pre-IPO technology startups have the right to be financially rewarding.

But like any type of other type of investment, is always some form of threat involved.

The tips mutual in this article will help you reduced that risk.

Take the time to review your alternatives to uncover the appropriate pre-IPO tech startup come invest in. More importantly, they’ll help you remain level-headed so the you won’t make the failure of investing also much, too soon.

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Build relations within the tech startup investor ecosystems. These networks will attach you with much more seasoned investors. They, in turn, can point you come the best startup key events, service meet-ups and also conferences, and online angel lists.