Freezing time and also freezing temperature of different liquids are amongst the most crucial physical properties of that liquid. This physical properties may change when other material are liquified in or blended with liquids. This job will uncover this topic using water and also salt that room both for sure and obtainable in many households. We will perform some experiments and also see i m sorry one freezes faster? water or Salt water?


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Information Gathering:

Find out around freezing point of different material. Review books, magazines or ask specialists who might know in order come learn about the factors that may impact freezing time and freezing temperature. Store track of wherein you gained your information from.

As a part of details gathering we might want to do some initial experiment to uncover out what happens throughout the freezing procedure of water. Simply ar a cup that water through a thermometry on that inside the freezer and also check it’s condition every five minutes. Problems that you check are time, water temperature and also water problem (frozen or not).

During this initial experiment you might make the notes choose this:

TimeWater TemperatureWater status
10:00 a.m.22º C (71º F)Liquid
10:05 a.m.17º CLiquid
10:10 a.m.
10:15 a.m.
10:20 a.m.
10:25 a.m.5º C
10:30 a.m.2.5º C
10:35 a.m.0º CLiquid
10:40 a.m.0º CFrozen
10:45 a.m.-2º CFrozen
10:50 a.m.-4º CFrozen

C method Celsius or CentigradeF mean Fahrenheit

The above experiment mirrors that in around 35 minutes water temperature drops to 0º C and also then water freezes and in about 50 minutes the temperature the frozen water it s okay to -4ºC.

Also this experiment reflects that the freezing temperature the distilled water that we provided for our test is 0ºC.

What we find out from this experiment is that if the salt have the ability to increase the freezing temperature of water (from 0ºC come 5ºC for example) climate water will certainly freeze faster due to the fact that it gets to the temperature in 25 minutes rather of 35 minutes. But if salt to reduce the freeze temperature to a an adverse number such as -2º C, climate it will certainly take much more time for water to freeze since it takes more time (about 45 minutes) to get to that temperature.

Remember the all this times counts on how cold your freezer is. Her results might be different.


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