ROMANTIC PERIODA 3. Which of the adhering to statement is not a characteristics of romantic period ?The no characteristic the romantic period is the good technical virtuosity.C 4. That is the vital vocal kind of romantic duration rather 보다 the oratorios and also choral music.The crucial vocal type is orchestra.D 5. There space three main species of regimen music orchestra, except :The not regime music the orchestra is the symphonic phoem.Note : mine answer is based on my understanding of her questions.

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A 3. I m sorry of the following statement is not a characteristics of romantic duration ?

The no characteristic that romantic duration is the great technological virtuosity.

C 4. It is the important vocal type of romantic duration rather than the oratorios and also choral music.

The important vocal form is orchestra.

D 5. There are three main types of routine music orchestra, except :

The not regimen music the orchestra is the symphonic phoem.

Note : mine answer is based upon my expertise of your questions.

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