Outdated registration and voting systems develop hurdle after hurdle that keep world from the polls. We promote solutions, choose automatic voter registration and early voting, to make it much easier for eligible americans to register and also to vote.

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for sure Every American have the right to Vote

The voting procedure should be simple, convenient, and fair because that everyone. Yet millions of Americans never ever make it on the rolfes or to the polls, while hurdles like lengthy lines, minimal voting times, or malfunctioning voting devices block numerous more. Communities of color, low-income communities, students, and also seniors are especially vulnerable.

That’s why we support a variety of proposals come expand access to registration and voting.

We led the means in developing and promoting automatically voter registration (AVR), in i beg your pardon eligible voters are immediately registered as soon as they have call with government agencies, uneven they opt out. It’s a reform the is currently dramatically reshaping it is registered by making it much less complicated to acquire on the rolls.

We also support various other reforms: beforehand voting, including on the weekend and evenings, so the those who can’t make it come the polls on choice day aren’t shut out; same-day registration, which lets world register and vote in one trip, for this reason arbitrary it is registered deadlines nothing trip civilization up; and online registration, for this reason that gaining on the rolls and updating registration details is together convenient as possible; and also protections to ensure the eligible voters space not purged from the rolls. We likewise recommend that states take major steps come ensure that all polling places have enough voting machines and also poll employees to minimize wait times. This means allocating suitable funding for every communities.

And we’re proud come be part of the fight to regain the Voting civil liberties Act to full strength, after ~ it was badly weakened by the can be fried Court — therefore that communities of color are defended from the ongoing scourge of gyeongju discrimination in voting.

Enact automatically Voter Registration

Congress should pass the automatic Voter it is registered Act, and states should proceed to embrace automatic voter registration.

Restore the Voting rights Act

Congress have to restore the full protections the the Voting legal rights Act, and states should supplement those protections.

Expand at an early stage Voting

Congress should collection minimum at an early stage voting requirements in commonwealth elections, and also the states that nothing offer early voting should take on it.

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Prevent lengthy Lines at the Polls

Congress and also the says should collection and enforce criter to ensure all polling places have sufficient voting machines, poll workers, and other resources to avoid long lines.