How do you know a person is married? You look at their hand for a ring. That"s the power of that small circular object – it signals to the world information about you. Unfortunately, most guys don"t know how men should wear rings though.

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Sure, we know what a wedding ring is but that"s about it. So how can you control the message you send? Today we are covering the five rules every man needs to know about wearing rings:

How Men Should Wear Rings: Rule #1 Understand That Every Ring Sends A Message


Your dominant hand usually has more significance in displaying parts of your personality than your non-dominant hand.

If you are right-handed, then the right hand is your active or giving hand while the left is your receiving or passive hand. The reverse is true if you are left-handed.

Rings on your dominant hand relate to a conscious thought process. Rings on non-dominant hands could related to a person"s personality – things he may not even realize about himself.

The Thumb – Neptune

The thumb symbolizes character. A straight thumb indicated an upright character, while a crooked thumb sent a negative message. The thumb is also separated from the other four fingers – showing an alienation of sorts. Rings on the thumb are rare.

In Asia, the thumb ring was worn on the left hand as protection after releasing an arrow from a bow. The thumb ring was later associated with bravery and high status in society.

Neptune was the water god. A ring on this finger represents change and flow. A transient and quick-moving personality is associated with creative personalities. A thumb ring on the active hand indicates an assertive personality.

The Pinky Finger – Mercury

Associated with intelligence. Family crests are often worn on pinky fingers. Although there is some connection between mafia leaders and an affinity for pinky finger rings, there isn"t substantial evidence to prove that wearing a ring on this finger bears any relation to conflict.

Worn on the active hand – it shows great negotiating skills along with an excellent ability to express yourself. Worn on the passive hand, it shows a strong intuition and great listening skills.

A ring on the pinky finger will be on the edge of your hand and is bound to get more attention as a result. Wear a subdued tone and relatively slim ring to escape unwanted attention.

Index Finger Rings – Jupiter

People of high rank – kings, dignitaries, wore an index finger ring. It symbolizes power and authority.

Jupiter was the head honcho – the king of the gods. Men who wear a ring on this finger are generally unapologetic and confident in their leadership. You"re the kind of person who is adaptive – to most situations. You take charge but can easily anger people.

Wearing a ring on the index finger indicates leadership qualities, self-esteem and a high level of confidence. Lacking self-confidence? Slip on a finger on this finger on your dominant hand. The index finger is also a sensible choice to wear a class ring or a family ring.

The Middle Finger – Saturn

Associated with balance. Also called the identity finger. Saturn was the father of Jupiter.

The middle finger is associated with wisdom and dealing with responsibility and our role in life. This is the finger with the most strength and balance. Ironically, the middle finger provides the mid-point or the point of balance on your hand.

Wearing a ring on this finger points to an individual who honors responsibilities and values. A middle-ring indicates a serious outlook on life – the wearer has a strong moral compass and distinguishes between right and wrong.

The Wedding Ring Finger – Apollo

Apollo was associated with poetry, music and romance. This explains why we wear wedding bands on this finger. A ring on this finger reflects creativity and sense of well-being.

People who wear a ring on this finger are usually drawn to romantic love stories, romantic comedies and picnics in the park.

The reason western culture promotes a ring on this finger? It is the only finger that has an unbroken artery that leads straight to the heart, essentially creating a direct connection to the heart to signify an eternal bond.

How Men Should Wear Rings: Should You Limit The Number Of Rings On Your Fingers?

Are you a prolific ring-wearer? How many rings can a man safely wear without looking like a sleazy car salesman?

Men who wear a ring on every finger at once may be exhibiting a personality that has difficulty being decisive or getting organized. Apart from being eccentric, such men usually enjoy being in the spotlight.

What’s the maximum number of rings a guy should wear?

It depends on the types of rings. Assuming only one ring per finger – two or three spread out across both hands is generally a safe maximum. Go beyond a few rings and you are in danger of looking like a caricature. It"s best to wear one bold, ‘statement" ring on one hand and nothing else.

A plain wedding band is generally all a man needs to wear. Wedding bands are always acceptable. But wear other rings with caution.

Class rings. Fraternal rings. Championship rings. Decorative rings. Signet rings…how men should wear rings is flexible. Whichever ring you choose to wear though – bear in mind that quality matters more than quantity. Just be sure you understand the symbolism behind men"s rings.

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