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Colm KeeganDamian McGintyEmmet CahillMichael O’Dwyer–Newest member; joined April 2016. Neil ByrneRyan Kelly


Daniel Furlong–Left when the 2011 tourism wrapped up. Was just signed to the team as a featured guest.Emmett O’Hanlon–Left in 2016.George Donaldson–Tragically pass of a huge heart strike on in march 12, 2014 at his residence in Glasgow. He was 46.Keith Harkin–Left April 29, 2016 to pursue his solo career.Paul Byrom–Left December 9, 2010. He has actually said he will certainly pitch in as soon as needed and when he have the right to as that pursues his solo career.

Karen Hemmingson
Marlene Friedrich says:

As far as I’m concerned, Paul Byrom doesn’t need to ‘pitch in’ any type of time soon. He’s ‘way too complete of himself and also didn’t right in with the remainder of the group when he was appearing with them. It would be good to have Damian back, but not at the expense of shedding one of the present group.

I’m STILL hoping to get a mailing attend to for the CT pan Club since I perform NOT want to walk on Facebook. I don’t think CT realizes exactly how much their fan base is limited by just doing Facebook. Ns love the group, yet after composing a complete of 5 personal letters and also getting no responses, ns am disappointed, to say the least, and I really desire to know just how to reach them via “Snail Mail”, not electronically.

M. Friedrich

Jill Godfrey says:
Sandra Majkowski says:

The new member who started with the summer cruise doesn’t sound like a good fit v the various other members native listening come his video on you tube. The team needs to lug Damien, and/or the various other Emmet Cahil back.

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our family’s walking to see the team at the end of February. Hope to reap the evening. Mine 10 year old daughter who had open heart surgical treatment wanted to watch Celtic Thunder therefore we are going.