BEHOLD, that IS COMING with THE CLOUDS, and also every eye will check out Him, also those who pierced Him; and also all the tribes of the planet will mourn over Him. So it is to be. Amen.

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Although Israel rejected their Messiah at His first coming they will certainly by no way miss His second, for He is coming with the clouds and every eye will check out Him, even those from the twelve tribes of Israel that pierced Him and also cried the end - we will not have actually this man to preeminence over us.. Allow His blood be upon us and also on ours children. Yet Christ"s pleading prayer indigenous the cross will certainly be answer on the day: Father pardon them because that they understand not what lock do. Amen

The same blood the gushed soon from Calvary"s cross 2000 year ago, and also cleansed your heart and also mine.. Will continue to lug out the redeeming work and pour the end its cleansing overwhelming on the whole house that Israel, and so all Israel shall be saved - for together a nation they will have actually cried the end in unison: blessed is He that comes in the surname of the mr .. Hosanna in the highest.

Christ"s glorious 2nd coming to planet to set up His Millennial kingdom, which God promised to Abraham and his seed forever, is the focal point towards i m sorry God"s wonderful plan of Salvation has actually been continuously and consistently moving, due to the fact that the production of the world.. And the corruption of the person race, v sin.
This glorious 2nd coming of Israel"s Messiah is not to be confused with glorious rapture the the Church for which we eagerly await this particular day - for we are the human body of Christ and we space not appointed to wrath, but to acquire salvation through our mr Jesus Christ. We room the bride that Christ who room waiting in eager anticipation for the voice that the angel and the trumpet contact of God, as soon as the dead in Christ shall climb first.. And we who space alive and also remain shall be captured up in addition to them in the clouds - to meet the lord in the air, and so us shall ever before be v the Lord - what comforting words!

Israel will certainly have sustained a grievous time of trouble - the likes of i beg your pardon has never been seen throughout the background of the world, because that God"s righteous indignation and also holy wrath have to be poured the end for a short span top top a God-hating Christ-rejecting sinful world. Yet God"s mercy and also grace endures forever and also the time of Jacob"s sorrow will be cut short, by the grace of God. And on that day men and also women, young and also old, Jew and Gentile alike, who have trusted Christ together Saviour in the coming terrible time that tribulation will cry out in rapturous harmony:  “Behold, the is coming through the clouds"... And every eye will check out Him, also those that pierced Him; and all the people of the planet will mourn end Him. So that is come be. Amen.

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Heavenly Father, us praise and also thank girlfriend for her wonderful plan of redemption. Give thanks to You the I have been conserved by elegant through belief in Christ and thank You the the wrath the God was poured out on Christ in mine stead. We recognize that a damaging time of trouble is coming on the whole planet when your righteous wrath will certainly be poured out on a God-hating, Christ-rejecting sinful world, however we pray that countless would come to faith in Christ Jesus our Lord, during that time of great distress.. And we thank You the the Millennial regime of Christ is comes soon.. When the earth shall it is in filled through the glory that God as the waters cover the sea. AMEN.