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Julie Andrews and Kathy Bates in "Unconditional Love." new Line Cinema Rotten tomatoes score: 14%

Summary: In "Unconditional Love," after her husband pipeline her, grace Beasley (Kathy Bates) travels to London to salary homage come a beloved pop star at his funeral. Yet she shortly suspects the foul pat was connected in his death.

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Andrews had actually a cameo figure in the film as herself.

"Unconditional Love" was obtained as a melodramatic movie-musical the never uncovered its stride.

"A misconceived comedy that regardless of a warmly empathetic performance from Kathy Bates, never ever makes the characters" unorthodox chemistry gel," David Rooney created for Variety.

The actress play Lily in "Tooth Fairy" (2010).


Julie andrews in "Tooth Fairy." 20th Century Fox

Rotten tomatoes score: 17%

Summary: In "Tooth Fairy," hockey player Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) trades his hockey pole in for a pair of wings as soon as he"s forced to serve time as a tooth fairy to regain a tiny girl"s confidence in magic.

In the family comedy, Andrews had actually a supporting function as Lily, the head this fairy.

Critics said that "Tooth Fairy" dropped victim to poor plotting and also dialogue, making the borderline unwatchable.

"It has actually a destructive screenplay and also you get the emotion that Johnson can be a much much better light comedian 보다 this, provided a far better chance," Derek Malcolm wrote for the London night Standard.

She was Felicity Marshwood in "Relative Values" (2000).


Julie andrew in "Relative Values." Isle of guy Film

Rotten tomatoes score: 20%

Summary: after ~ Nigel (Edward Atterton) marries movie actress Miranda Frayle (Jeanne Tripplehorn), to the disdain the his mother Lady Marshwood (Andrews), he introduces her to his upper-class family.

Overall, movie critics found "Relative Values" to be an unremarkable comedy without much substance.

Critic john Leonard wrote, "... Trying-too-hard film variation of a bubble-headed Noel Coward beat ..." in his review for new York Magazine.

She had actually a small, uncredited duty in "Trial the the Pink Panther" (1982).


Peter Sellers starred in "Trial that the Pink Panther." joined Artists

Rotten tomatoes score: 25%

Summary: In the 1980s sequel, chef Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) suddenly goes missing on his way to investigate another diamond robbery, and also journalist Marie Jouvet (Joanna Lumley) tries to placed the pieces together.

Andrews had an uncredited role as Charwoman.

Critics took concern with this installment, specifically in comparison come the rest of the well-received film series.

"The movie is almost a fraud. There"s no new ideas and also it doesn"t attain the quality of that is predecessors," Diego Galán created for El Pais.

In "The Princess Diaries 2: imperial Engagement" (2004), she went back as Queen Clarisse Renaldi.

Julie andrew in "The Princess Diaries 2: royal Engagement." Disney

Rotten tomatoes score: 26%

Summary: after ~ graduating native college, Mia (Anne Hathaway) take away her location as the next in line for the imperial throne in Genovia under the indict of her grandmother Queen Clarisse (Andrews). However marital expectations stand between the princess and also her future together queen.

"The Princess Diaries 2" didn"t break new ground for most critics, yet it delivered an amiable adventure because that young fans of the an initial movie.

"Sometimes charming, periodically a tad as well silly and also all the moment predictable, "Princess Diaries 2" offers you what you"d expect and also doesn"t take plenty of chances," Sara Gebhardt wrote for The Washington Post.

Andrews to be Marianna in "The guy Who loved Women" (1983).

Julie andrew in "The male Who loved Women." Columbia images

Rotten tomato score: 33%

Summary: In the dramatic comedy "The man Who love Women," psychiatrist Marianna (Andrews) recounts the story the her previous client, a sculptor named David Fowler (Burt Reynolds).

Critics greatly felt that "The man Who love Women" didn"t balance that comedic moment amidst a sad, drawn-out film.

"The warm that could have made this film work never ever materializes and slickness is no substitute," Yardena Arar composed for the connected Press.

The actress play Lili blacksmith in "Darling Lili" (1970).

Julie andrews in "Darling Lili." Paramount pictures

Rotten tomato score: 40%

Summary: collection during human being War I, "Darling Lili" complies with young Lili smith (Andrews) behind foe lines together she functions as a dance-hall singer come gather information in Germany. Yet Lili grows conflicted once she falls for one of her targets.

Despite Andrews" star power, "Darling Lili" wasn"t a an extremely well-received war movie, also if its romantic subplot made up for several of its failings.

" not that poor if you view it more as a love story than as a battle story," film doubter Dennis Schwartzwrote.

She voiced Queen Lillian in "Shrek the Third" (2007).

Julie Andrews and also Cameron Diaz voiced personalities in "Shrek the Third." DreamWorks

Rotten tomatoes score: 42%

Summary: ~ King Harold (voiced by john Cleese) passes away, Queen Lillian (voiced by Andrews) notifies Shrek (voiced through Mike Myers) the he is next in line because that the throne of much Far away — uneven he can find one more replacement.

The sequel had actually its moments, however critics felt favor it lacked the heart and humor of the an initial two installments.

Critic Michael Compton referred to as it a "satisfying sequel that has actually its charm however isn"t quite up to par v its predecessors" in his testimonial for the Bowling Green daily News

In "The Princess Diaries" (2001), she source her function as Queen Clarisse.

Julie andrews in "The Princess Diaries." Disney

Rotten tomato score: 49%

Summary: Clumsy teens Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway) is thrown for a loop as soon as her estranged grandmother (Andrews) visits she in san Francisco and reveals that she is next in line for the throne the Genovia.

Although some critics accused "The Princess Diaries" of following a predictable plot pattern, most adored Andrews and also Hathaway in your lead roles.

"Despite the hackneyed high quality of the pretext, quite performances conserve this film from itself," john R. McEwen created for film Quips Online.

Andrews starred as Gillian Fairchild in "That's Life!" (1986).

Julie andrews in "That's Life!" Blake Edwards entertain

Rotten tomato score: 53%

Summary: as Gillian Fairchild (Andrews) awaits test results earlier for a harrowing diagnosis, she husband (Jack Lemmon) grapples through his very own neuroses together his 60th date of birth celebration unfolds.

Despite solid efforts native the cast, the movie felt incomplete and tonally rushed, follow to critics.

""That"s Life" has many moments of truth and some an excellent performance," i get it Ebert composed for the Chicago Sun-Times. "But it"s not every one of a piece; no every scene appears to have been believed through top top the exact same level."

The actress voiced Queen Lillian again in "Shrek Forever After" (2010).

Julie Andrews and also John Cleese voiced characters in "Shrek Forever After." DreamWorks

Rotten tomatoes score: 58%

Summary: After gift tricked by the duplicitous Rumpelstiltskin (voiced by Walt Dohrn), Shrek (voiced by Myers) goes back to his old ogre ways. However he threats losing Fiona (voiced by Cameron Diaz) and their family members in the process.

Andrews changed for the installment together the voice of Queen Lillian.

Although an ext critically successful than "Shrek the Third," the fourth movie quiet didn"t rather measure as much as the original with critics.

"The movie is engaging enough, due to a narrative gimmick that renders the old ground brand-new again," Leo Robson wrote for the financial Times.

She voiced Gru's mom in "Despicable Me 3" (2017).

Steve Carell and also Julie andrews voice son and also mother in "Despicable Me 3." Universal images

Rotten tomato score: 59%

Summary: After acquiring fired native the Anti-Villain League, Gru (voiced through Steve Carell) travels to Freedonia to accomplish his long-lost pair brother.

Andrews returned to her supporting duty in the sequel, offering the voice the Gru"s mother.

Although some doubters thought "Despicable Me 3" seemed choose an practice in checking boxes, Carell"s voice work aided the man flick shine.

"Carell is the life of the party and also the main reason this animated blast the slapstick silliness packs appeal beyond the PG crowd," Peter Travers wrote for roll Stone.

In "Aquaman" (2018), she listed the voice because that Karathen.

Jason Momoa starred in "Aquaman." Warner Bros.

Rotten tomato score: 65%

Summary: In the superhero movie "Aquaman," Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) are the only ones qualified of saving Atlantis from Aquaman"s half-brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson).

Andrews noted the voice the Karathen, a colossal sea creature that assists Aquaman.

The film"s spectacle and also production style wowed critics, however its manuscript was lacking something.

"Veteran cinematographer Don Burgess"s widescreen photos beguile, and Bill Brzeski"s production style impresses mightily," Andrea Gronvall wrote for the Chicago Reader. "But next time, who please offer Momoa and company some memorable dialogue."

In "Torn Curtain" (1966), she was buy it Sherman.

Julie Andrews and Paul Newman in "Torn Curtain." Universal images

Rotten tomato score: 67%

Summary: In Alfred Hitchcock"s "Torn Curtain," psychiatrist Michael Armstrong (Paul Newman) and also his fiancée buy it (Andrews) walk behind the steel Curtain as they defect to eastern Germany in ~ the elevation of the Cold War.

"Torn Curtain" was never ever critically appraised as among Hitchcock"s finer films, yet some critics felt choose it was also harshly judged ~ above its release.

"Dismissed by numerous as component of Hitchcock"s regrettable decreasing years, "Torn Curtain" turns out to it is in a surprisingly tense and intimate spy thriller," Christopher Lloyd composed for The movie Yap.

Andrews to be Jerusha Hale in "Hawaii" (1966).

Julie andrew in "Hawaii." Mirisch copy, group

Rotten tomato score: 67%

Summary: In "Hawaii," missionary Abner Hale (Max von Sydow) and also his wife, Jerusha (Andrews), set off on a voyage to Hawaii, wherein Abner preaches his Christain faith and also Jerusha embraces the neighborhood customs.

"Hawaii" had actually some missteps through critics, yet the film ended with its themes steady intact.

"The conflict in between nave dogma and also nave innocence is efficiently established, but the spectacle is always more comprehensive than the is deep," Time out reviewed.

The actress play Samantha Taylor in "10" (1979).

Dudley Moore and Julie andrew in "10." Warner Bros. Pictures

Rotten tomatoes score: 68%

Summary: In the romantic comedy "10," composer George Webber (Dudley Moore) grows dissatisfied in his partnership with his girlfriend, Samantha (Andrews), and also falls for a mrs he"s never met.

A character study with a star-studded cast, "10" had all the right ingredients but earned mixed reception ~ above its release.

"A sporadically funny, marginally amazing fiasco that can have evolved into a memorable romantic comedy," Gary Arnold composed for The Washington Post.

She provided the to sing voice of Ainsley Jarvis in "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" (1976).

Julie Andrews dubbed the power in "The Pink Panther Strikes Again." joined Artists

Rotten tomatoes score: 75%

Summary: In "The Pink Panther Strikes Again," Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) gyeongju to avoid Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) from developing a deadly weapon that will ruin the planet.

In the comedy, Andrews dubbed the singing voice that Ainsley Jarvis.

Critics didn"t fawn over "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" together they did with the original, but they did prayer Sellers" performance.

"The comedy is broader and much more cartoonish 보다 before, but it is as funny as ever," john J. Puccio wrote for Movie Metropolis.

In "Despicable Me" (2010), she originated the voice role of Gru's mother.

Julie andrews voiced a character in "Despicable Me." Illumination films

Rotten tomato score: 81%

Summary: In the man comedy "Despicable Me," a supervillain called Gru (voiced by Carell) need to reevaluate his wicked way of life when he adopts 3 orphan girls.

Andrews originated her voice duty as Gru"s mother in the film.

Colorful, likable, and littered v jokes, "Despicable Me" was typically well-received through critics.

Critic Michael Dequina called it a "consistent present of chuckles and a the majority of convincing heart," in his review for Movie Report.

Andrews to be Sally mile in "S.O.B." (1981).

Julie andrew in "S.O.B." Paramount pictures

Rotten tomatoes score: 83%

Summary: In the Hollywood satire "S.O.B.," manager Felix Farmer (Richard Mulligan) make the efforts to save his failed household film afloat by convincing his wife, Sally (Andrews), to help him make it R-rated.

With a video game cast and also confident direction indigenous filmmaker Blake Edwards, "S.O.B." earned a rave agree from critics.

"Black comedy is a challenging commodity to sustain and, after a large start, Edwards conveniently finds a deft balance that paints a cockeyed, self-contained human being that comfortably support its exaggeration characters," the variety staff reviewed.

She to be Millie Dillmount in "Thoroughly modern Millie" (1967).

Julie andrews in "Thoroughly modern Millie." Universal photos

Rotten tomatoes score: 83%

Summary: In the 1920s music comedy "Thoroughly contemporary Millie," a young flapper called Millie (Andrews) falls for company man Trevor Graydon (John Gavin), that in turn establishes feelings for Millie"s roommate, Dorothy (Mary Tyler Moore).

Critics referred to as "Thoroughly contemporary Millie" an enjoyable period musical.

" very underrated Julie andrew musical," doubter Steve Crum wrote for "A cult favorite for many, consisting of myself."

She famously starred as Maria in "The Sound that Music" (1965).

Julie Andrews as Maria in "The Sound the Music." Robert wise Productions via YouTube

Rotten tomato score: 83%

Summary: In the movie adaptation the Rodger and also Hammerstein"s "The Sound the Music," Maria (Andrews) i do not care the governess in the family members of a widowed Austro-Hungarian naval captain and brings pleasure to his seven children at the brink of human being War II.

Considered an instant classic, "The Sound that Music" earned warm reviews top top its release and also continues to catch the hearts of viewers today.

"There"s one inimitable heart-warming quality about the film which has actually made "The Sound of Music" a timeless cinematic wonder," Pratim D. Gupta created for the movie Companion.

She source the voice function of Queen Lillian in "Shrek 2" (2004).

Julie andrews voiced the Queen in the "Shrek" franchise. DreamWorks

Rotten tomatoes score: 89%

Summary: In "Shrek 2," Shrek (voiced by Myers) and also Fiona (voiced through Diaz) go to the magical land of much Far away to meet Fiona"s parents, who are much less than charmed by the ogre.

Andrews voiced Queen Lillian because that the an initial time in "Shrek 2."

The sequel received even far better reviews the original, and critics claimed it preserved all the charm, fun, and satirical tone of "Shrek."

"This second edition the DreamWorks"s Oscar-winning ogre opus might not match the initial for, well, originality, however it honors the element injunction governing sequels: come thine own personalities be true," Joe Morgenstern wrote for the wall surface Street Journal.

In "The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story" (2009), she appeared as herself.

Julie Andrews was interviewed for the documentary. Disney

Rotten tomato score: 90%

Summary: The documentary "The Boys: The Sherman Brothers" Story" details the stays of renowned songwriters Richard M. And Robert B. Sherman and also their lifelong collaborations v Walt Disney animation Studios.

Andrews to be interviewed for the documentary come talk about their involvement in "Mary Poppins."

Critics compliment the feel-good documentary as a installation tribute to a talented pair.

Critic Claudia Puig explained it as a "touching and also illuminating documentary about the songwriting duo," in her testimonial for USA Today.

Andrews to be Emily Barham in "The Americanization of Emily" (1964).

Julie andrews in "The Americanization that Emily." MGM

Rotten tomato score: 93%

Summary: The dramatic comedy "The Americanization of Emily" takes place in 1944 in London, as downhearted Lieutenant commander Charles Edward Madison (James Garner) is assigned to fight in the D-Day intrusion — to the dismay the his brand-new love, Emily (Andrews).

Chock-full of witty dialogue and also speeches, "The Americanization the Emily" didn"t shy away from transporting a scathing satire on the war in critics" eyes.

" Chayefsky"s scabrously funny manuscript brims through snappy, crackling dialogue," Nick Schager composed for Slant Magazine.

"Enchanted" (2007) was narrated by Andrews.

Amy Adams starred in "Enchanted." Disney

Rotten tomato score: 93%

Summary: In "Enchanted," sweet-natured Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) topples down a witch"s well and ends increase smack dab in the middle of brand-new York City. Together she tries to uncover a means home, Giselle unexpectedly falls for the Manhattan lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) who"s help her.

Andrews added a dash the charm come "Enchanted" by narrating the beginning and end that the film.

Critics love "Enchanted," indigenous its fun-loving story come its exciting cast.

"A clever throwback come a i delivered era that is really much a product the this one; a clash that past and also present combining because that something important magical," Matthew Lucas created for native the former Row.

She starred as the titular command in one of her highest-rated films, "Mary Poppins" (1964).

Julie andrew as mary Poppins. Disney

Rotten tomatoes score: 96%

Summary: In the family members musical "Mary Poppins," a wonder nanny (Andrews) comes to the aid of the banks family and spreads she stern, yet clear disposition all over she goes.

"Mary Poppins" to be a enormous hit top top its release and has maintained its classic status with the years due come its qualified cast, wonderful animation, and also memorable tunes.

"The sets room luxuriant, the song lilting, the script witty however impeccably sentimental, and the supporting actors only a pinfeather short of perfection," Time magazine reported in the review.

Note: Rotten tomato scores were updated at the moment of publication and are subject to change. Films without critical ratings were no included.

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The actress starred as Victoria approve in "Victor Victoria" (1982).

Julie andrews in "Victor Victoria." Warner Bros.

Rotten tomatoes score: 97%

Summary: In the musical comedy "Victor Victoria," brothers soprano Victoria approve (Andrews) reinvents herself as a male singer to step up her nightclub act through the help of a cabaret performer named Toddy (Robert Preston).

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How Many Cups Of Bread Cubes In A Loaf ? Bread Cubes For Stuffing

Sparkling with heat humor and an electrical lead power by Andrews, "Victor Victoria" left critics smitten.

"Don"t miss out on this one," the moment Out staff reported. "It sends out sparks."

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