Actor Max Baer Jr. Was famed for play the goofy and also lovable Jethro Bodine top top “The Beverly Hillbillies.” But, did you know that he had a father that was also famous?

So what walk the actor’s father carry out for his career? Well, Max Baer Sr. Was well known for making use of his fists as a heavyweight boxer. And, according to reports, he was such a pressure in the boxing ring that at least one boxer passed away as a an outcome of their fight. Some believe a fight with Baer Sr. Also led to another boxer’s death.

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This seems choose a much stretch from Jethro ~ above “The Beverly Hillbillies” no it? this is a tiny background ~ above Max Baer Sr. He was born top top Feb. 11, 1909, in Omaha, Nebraska. The Baer household moved indigenous Nebraska come California in 1922. When living over there his dad Jacob leased a ranch and also Max Sr. Was put to work.

He would later on credit the hand-operated labor the did cultivation up with helping him construct the toughness he provided in the boxing ring.

Father that ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ actor Max Baer Jr. Came to be a skilled Boxer in 1929

It was during 1929, that Max be afflicted with Sr. Made decision to become a expert boxer. Top top Aug. 25 that the adhering to year, the boxer confronted off versus Frankie Campbell in mountain Francisco. At one allude in the fight, Baer Sr. Had actually Campbell ~ above the ropes and also was landing punch after punch after punch.

Finally, the referee stopped the fight, but the damage had supposedly been done.

Baer apparently went to visit with his gravely injured adversary after the fight. Unfortunately, Campbell died the next day. Baer Sr. Damaged down once he heard the news. Baer Sr. Was also charged v manslaughter after ~ Campbell’s death, according to his biography on He was acquitted.

In 1932, Baer Sr. Confronted Ernie Schaaf. Baer Sr. Won that bout. Five months later, Schaaf also died in the ring. Return he to be facing another boxer in ~ the time, Schaaf’s fight with Baer was thought by some to have added to his death.

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According to, Max Baer Jr. Of “The Beverly Hillbillies” fame claimed his father did not care much because that his portrayal in the movie “Cinderella Man.” Baer Sr. Is portrayed as gift proud the he eliminated someone throughout a fight. His son claimed this was not the case.

In fact, the incident constantly bothered Baer Sr. The 2005 movie starred Russell Crowe as boxer James J. Braddock. Craig Bierko played Max Baer Sr. In the film.

Baer Sr.’s boxing career is one that has actually been psychic by fans of the sport for years. In fact, “The Ring” magazine noted him as No. 22 top top the publication’s biggest punchers of all time list, according to

He retirement in 1941 through a document of 71-13. He was additionally Heavyweight Champion of the human being during 1934-1935. Max Baer Sr. Passed away on Nov. 21, 1959.