Many would certainly be surprised to find out that the stoma days as far earlier as 1710, named therefore by Dr A. De Littre who developed what we now understand as a Colostomy. Ileostomies, however, room a much newer clinical breakthrough, very first reported in 1940. The course, the technologies and also sciences behind the procedure have actually come ~ above in leaps and also bounds due to the fact that those days.

Throughout history, there has been a plenty of notable Ostomates, some much an ext recent 보다 others. Us thought some of our followers might find comfort learning that not just are they not alone (1 in 500 human being have one in the UK alone), but additionally that yes a rich history of Ostomates that preceded them. Including:

Napoleon Bonaparte


The noteworthy French army leader who increased to prominence during the French change is rumoured come have had actually a stoma. In fact, in countless depictions that him, he deserve to be checked out to it is in holding his ideal hand end his abdomen, believed to it is in a means of concealing his goat bladder ostomy bag!

Dwight Eisenhower


The 5-star general and also 34th chairman of the United says of America to be diagnosed with Crohn’s condition mid-way v his 8-year presidency. He got an ileotransverse colostomy in June 1956, 5 days later on he went back to work… together President. Us hope the was placed on irradiate duties, and certainly wouldn’t recommend returning to job-related so quickly!

Fred Astaire


There’s no business like stoma business! that’s right, the renowned dancer and also actor is a well-known ostomate, although small is recognized of the type. Either way, an inspiration that shows having a stoma require not stand in the method of doing the thing you love, no matter exactly how energetic it could be!

The Queen Mother

In more recent history, it has actually been lengthy rumoured that The Queen Mother had a colostomy as a an outcome of gift diagnosed v colon cancer in 1967. However, there is a an excellent deal of secret surrounding the topic as the Royals experienced fit to save it quiet and as together it’s been lengthy debated. Even if it is true or not, we would certainly hope the in the contemporary day it would be much much less of a taboo and the position would be supplied to spread out awareness that the condition.

These are just four world throughout history, there might well be numerous others! as a authorize of the time, stomas to be much much less discussed, specifically in mainstream media.

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This hopefully shows how much we’ve come, but also highlights how far we still have to go to alleviate the stigma that surrounds this life-saving procedure.