Dragon ball Z that was the an initial to turn Super Saiyan 2? A many of human being say Vegeta and also a lot of people say Gohan.

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FanOfDBZ posted overayearago
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I choose Vegeta because alot of people think it to be Gohan, but in the show when goku is talk to babidi he states "This is supervisor Saiyan 2 or Ascended Saiyan and Vegeta to be supose to it is in the frist one to rotate Ascended

In most games Vegetas type is super Sayian 1.5, while Gohan turned supervisor Sayian 2 throughout the cell games.
it is gohan since in the cell gamings when he finally turns supervisor saiyan 2 vegeta states " kakarot and his sun has actually surpassed me". Gohan was stronger than his dad.
In the display Goku LITERALLY claims Ascended Saiyan is supervisor Saiyan 2..... And also we all know vegeta was the very first to ascend
First the all gamings dont matter and how come vegeta can bet supervisor saiyan 2 and gohan it is in super saiyan 2.5 ??? Your males aruguments dont make any sense ..... They can both it is in super saiyan 4 and if vegeta lose to son ogong he would still speak he was much better than him even tho that hadnt reached a hole new level
When Gohan defeated Cell, that turned ss2. When Vegeta trained in the room, he assumed he had reached it, yet Trunks plainly showed the he has not, therefore, make Gohan the an initial to turn ss2.
Goahn was actually the first one to go Super Saiyan 2. When Vegeta may have actually reached a level greater than at sight Saiyan, it wasn"t in reality Super Saiyan 2.
Vegeta reached it first he just didn"t execute it the right way therefore his speed did no increase as with Trunks"s rate didn"t increased due to the fact that he too had done it incorrectly. Trunks even quotes that as soon as Gohan goes ssj2
it to be gohan vegeta essential babidi to acquire ssj2 vegeta saw an ascended saiyan and also trunks go utra supervisor saiyan i believe but gohan went ssj2
Vegeta didn"t need babiti he reached ssj2 top top his own durring the 7 year duration between the cabinet games and the human being tornament
it stated in db wiki that the acended ultra and also fullpower ssj were branches to the first transformation
fpssj is x50 power. Ssj2 is x100. So due to the fact that goku fpssj is more powerful than ascended ssj vegeta; that means gohan was the first
people civilization it was gohan who turn ssj2 first watch the cel games and is it me or is vegeta a ssj1 in the cabinet games? correct gohan does go ssj2 prior to vegeta hello it is why gohan had the ability to defeat cell...thats why gohan was unstoppable....thats what i think sorry im trying come deffend my favourite character that is teen gohan ssj2....
Alright permit me explain something here. Vegeta was not super sayain 2 yet was miscellaneous in the center he to be a Asscended Sayain top top the Brink of becoming SS2 , Gohan at the same time skipped the Ascended Level and went indigenous 1-2 why ? due to the fact that Gohan is a half sayain together you know becoming super sayain one and two both take it Exereme amount of Emotions or rage Gohan yet being fifty percent human is an ext in track with his emotions thus allowing him to accessibility SS2 faster than Vegeta. Vegeta became SS2 after the cell games when he"s Majin Vegeta is as soon as he came to be SS2.
Definitely Gohan because he turn SSJ2 in the cabinet Games. Also, Vegeta was no an SSJ2, he was an ASSJ first.
Listen Everyone, Vegeta is the very first to become ssj2 .Actually supervisor Vegeta is Vegeta ssj2,only the difference is , that doesn"t have actually the lightning kind aura...
Here is the real reason.Vegeta- Ascended SSJ is super Saiyan 1.5Gohan- the has achieved SSJ2 first. Go Vegeta ever increased his power and also speed? Gohan was the first one come officially grasp it.
It to be Gohan, a lot of human being think the Vegeta was very first because he certainly was an Ascended SSJ. However he only increased power, just liked Trunks and also Goku say, there are two forms of ascended SSJ, the one the Vegeta and Trunks to be in when they fought Cell in his second form, yet both Trunks and also Goku say that they have uncovered a kind above that, which boosts their power to the of a SSJ2, however they loose an remarkable amount of speed, therefor Goku claimed it was no worth it. Yet when Gohan transforms right into SSJ2, he increases both speed and also power. In the words of trunks: "He go it! He boosted his strength without loosing speed!"
To obtain things straight, let"s differenciate SSJ2 from Ascended SSJ:SSJ2: The higher type of super Saiyan, increasing BOTH speed and strength, without the enlargement that the muscles. ASSJ: also a higher type of at sight Saiyan, but NOT SSJ2. Only boosting strength, also, it has actually the enlargement the the muscles, in which Goku said it would certainly be difficult to to win Cell because you"d only have actually the toughness you need, but with not sufficient speed, it would certainly be practically useless.

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Gohan to be the very first one to accomplish it. Vegeta, obviously, just increased his SSJ1 strength, but not do it complete SSJ2. He accomplished SSJ2 while in Majin Vegeta form, during his fight with Goku or somewhere there....
If Ascended was the very same as SSJ2 then that would suggest that Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Gohan were every SSJ2 at the start of the cell games due to the fact that Vegeta was absolutely not stronger than the various other Saiyans after they all invested time while chamber. If that was the situation it would also imply that Gohan didn"t have any revolution during the cell gamings which wouldn"t make any type of sense in ~ all.Plus I"m not sure if several of you room referencing the english dub (which wouldn"t be a great source) but in the Japanese episode son ogong does no say ascended. In his speech to Babadi he claims "This is a supervisor Saiyajin that has gone even past Super Saiyajin. So i guess you could speak to it at sight Saiyajin 2"