Kat Von D always seems to it is in grabbing headlines for one reason or another, even if it is it"s for drama with her beauty, beauty brand, her feud v frenemy Jeffree Star, or she overtly complex love life. Together it stands, the makeup mogul has actually had nearly a dozen publicly relationships due to the fact that starring on LA Ink, and the majority of them go not finish well. That is, unless you think about a flurry of shade-filled MySpace posts and also tabloid side-eye a happy ending. Hey, at the very least it"s no boring!

By Von D"s own admission, the truth star didn"t always know just how to pick "em. During an illustration of Anna Faris" Unqualified podcast, she open admitted that she had dated "nothing however jerks" prior to meeting she husband, Prayers frontman Leafar Seyer (a.k.a. Rafael Reyes). She hadn"t also been taken out on a suitable date — ever.

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us relate, yet today that all seems favor water under the bridge. In her words, the mother of one has found her "soul"s mate, mine mind"s twin, my ideal friend," and also two year after the fact, they still show up to be going strong.

Here"s a look earlier at Kat Von D"s complex dating history. After four engagements, the star finally worked out down. 

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It all starts with Oliver Peck, Kat Von D"s very first husband-turned-tattoo rival. Some of his greatest hits encompass his alleged attempt to edge the end Von D"s tattoo shop by opened his very own a few blocks away (per TMZ) and also a blackface scandal that compelled him come drop the end of Ink Masters. The pair was married native 2003 to 2007, and also it was supposedly not a happy union — at least according come Peck, who doesn"t seem bitterness in the least. Simply kidding! If friend looked up bitter in the dictionary, you"d probably find Peck"s handlebar mustache. 

Over the years, the previous Ink Master has actually proven the he has no problems trashing his ex in the tabloids. "She"s done nothing yet screw end every friend she"s had," he told InTouch. "She cheated on me, acquired messed up, and also left me." The press release, i m sorry was published in full by HuffPost, goes into excruciating detail. There, Peck cases that fame readjusted his former wife, and also she spent much of their marital relationship "drinking until she to be throwing increase every day" and being all around "destructive." Eventually, he discovered out that "she was having actually an affair," and also that was the end.

Overall, Peck claims that Von D to be "the most self-centered human ever before been associated with." climate again, this is coming from a man who wore blackface, and — as TMZ so eloquently put it — "look choose a cartoon at sight villain." So... 

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After Kat Von D"s break-up from Oliver Peck, the star do a pit avoid over to part rock "n" role royalty. In 2008, she found herself swept away through Roy Orbison"s son, Alex Orbison (aka Orbi). Thus started a decade-long trend of date musicians, but this first time, Von D seemed an especially taken. According to TMZ, the pair got equivalent tattoos of every other"s names about a month into their short-lived connection — a clean harbinger of their dramatic finishing to come.

Von D"s partnership with Orbi is, in countless ways, a relic of the MySpace generation. The drama wasn"t splashed across the pages the Perez Hilton. Rather, Orbi allegedly aired his grievances top top the ill-fated social network like it to be Festivus. Follow to 2008 reports from Oh No castle Didn"t and TMZ, who captured the blog article before MySpace walk bust, the musician likened his paramour come "a parrot through no mind or emotion." He claimed that she "begged" him to propose, referred to as him she "soulmate," "abused" him, climate "fell in love v someone else" best in former of him. This was all after his dog died and his grandmother passed away within the span of six months. Talk about timing. On to the next. 

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Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx and also Kat Von D — who dated for an ext than two years — seemed serendipitous, at least in that rock "n roll, covered head-to-toe in tattoos type of way. The pair basically looked favor the the contrary sex versions of each other, and this one didn"t end in flames together they seem to it is in on relatively good terms. Sixx even had a tribute come his ex in his New York Times bestselling book, This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life through The Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx.

"I felt the being nice and kind come the connection was important, and also I recognize all things come to an finish eventually, and also when that did, ns didn"t feel that it to be my project to suggest fingers," the told Us Weekly.

Sixx plainly has come a long method since the hurt since at the moment of your split, Von D left him completely broken-hearted by conveniently jumping right into a connection with Jesse James, who"s best known together Sandra Bullock"s philandering ex. "You know, it"s hard when you just told by someone you dated for two-and-a-half years that you"re the love of your life ... And also then they move on therefore quickly," he told TMZ in 2010. You recognize what they say, friend can"t hurry love — or maybe you can.

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Kat Von D might have swiftly moved on native Nikki Sixx, yet while the pair to be still dating, the assembly mogul may have acquired a little taste of the lifestyles of the rich and also the famous. Ideal now, we"re trying difficult to imagine a human being where great Charlotte"s Benji Madden didn"t unexpectedly finish up with Cameron Diaz, an A-list actress whose human body is completely devoid the tattoos (at least, clearly shows ones). There was virtually an alternating timeline where the LA Ink star make the pop punker she ultimate tat daddy. Currently that we"re thinking around it, the may have actually been where every little thing went wrong. Have the right to they Cloverfield united state out the here?

According to TMZ, in 2009, Von D was spotted "snuggling" through Madden top top a park bench in Hollywood while she to be still publicly date the hair metal legend. Honestly, the paparazzi photograph looked a tiny suspicious, yet it disappeared from headlines just as quickly as it came. Can we gain a Motley Crue cover of an excellent Charlotte"s 2007 struggle "Keep your Hands turn off My Girl?"

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Kat Von D"s torrid connection with Jesse James just lasted about a year, however it was quite the whirlwind the a year. According to People, the Monster Garage star popped the question in January 2011 after approximately six months of dating. But the pair dubbed off the engagement — twice — before they had the chance to say "Happy brand-new Year." so what go wrong? The exact same thing the went dorn with James" marital relationship to Sandra Bullock. The dude was apparently a an extremely prolific cheater.

Now the MySpace is just a ghost that its former self, Von D had actually no other means to disclose the drama than v Facebook — and boy go she spill the tea. The month after her separation went public, the assembly mogul asserted that James had cheated top top her v 19 various other women. "I worthy a large fat "I told friend so," indigenous everyone," she composed (via Us Weekly).

Years later, on Anna Faris" Unqualified podcast, Von D you re welcome — albeit slightly — decreased the number of James" alleged side chicks, a little reprieve that he didn"t necessarily deserve. "I don"t also know exactly how it"s physically feasible to f**k so many people," she said, adding, "The an initial batch the emails the I found were around 18 confirmed world that he had sex with throughout the one year that us were together." Honestly, through all of this, we can"t help but wonder, what to be Sandra Bullock thinking? 

Kat Von D has made part curious options when it pertains to dating. We mentioned exactly how her an initial husband Oliver Peck to be wrapped up in a blackface scandal, yet she"s likewise been recognized to get affiliated with males who are weirdly into Nazi stuff. Follow to CNN, in 2010, a photo surfaced the Jesse James put on a "German Nazi hat" and law a Nazi "salute." His lawyer told the publication that it to be a "gag gift" from his "Jewish godfather" — though we wouldn"t exactly speak to that many people"s sense of humor.

Beyond that, her current husband, Leafar Seyer, has a swastika tattooed on his throat, i m sorry we"re guessing looks great in his wedding photos. The tried to claim to Tttism the it wasn"t "political" and that he also has a Star that David tattoo, as if the pair cancel each various other out. Through the way, he"s no Jewish.

Von D"s lovers aren"t the only ones v neo-Nazi links. She had a scandal that her very own in 2008 as soon as TMZ published photos of a headshot she accused signed v an anti-Semitic message to her previous boss. The reality star"s publicist claimed it to be forged, yet years later, she still felt a have to come out and also say that she wasn"t anti-Semitic. Follow to USA Today, she dubbed the accusations "extremely offensive and super-hurtful," a expression she might want come think around directing to she husband"s throat.

After the ultimate betrayal, Kat Von D discovered love again — and also was subsequently betrayed in exactly the very same way. In ~ least, that"s what she says. Following her damaged engagement v Jesse James, the makeup mogul dropped into the eight of Joel Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5). The pair dated on-and-off for about a year, with the DJ proposing on Twitter before the ring was also finished being made, according to the Daily News. He apparently simply couldn"t wait.

Just like their engagement, we got to clock this couple"s split play out on society media, too. Six months after ~ Deadmau5 acquired down on a digital knee, the pair was surrounded by breakup rumors. That"s as soon as Von D ominously tweeted, "Cheating on her loved one is the many hurtful thing one might do. I dislike to have to admit, that this relationship is undoubtedly over." for this reason Deadmau5 cheated? not so fast.

In a an extensive Facebook post, the DJ admitted the the pair originally break-up in November 2012 before reconciling and also getting engaged the adhering to month. He to be intimate with one more woman if the couple were damaged up, yet Von D was apparently aware and they moved past it. "At the end of June, it was clear the the relationship was not working and we mutually finished the engagement," that wrote. "I to be not, at any kind of point, unfaithful come Kat throughout our time together." The 3rd engagement is unequivocally no the charm.

When Von D"s game of Kat and also Mau5 to be over, it was clear the tattoo artist was sick the drama. The is, quite honestly, the only conceivable factor she"d walk out v Tom Green, who"s best known for his access time "Daddy would You favor Some Sausage?" and also "The Bum Bum Song." Okay, admittedly, environment-friendly seems prefer a really nice, low an essential guy — which is specifically why the totality thing seemed out the left field.

Green isn"t Von D"s typical poor boy, however he has had a rather random partnership history, including his short-lived marital relationship to Drew Barrymore. Follow to Perez Hilton, castle newly-rumored couple was spotted out on a movie day the month ~ she finished her engagement come Deadmau5.

The first time around, nothing much came the Green and Von D"s i can not qualify love, but this wasn"t the end. Three years later, they supposedly rekindled your romance as soon as — girlfriend guessed the — Von D needed an additional rebound. Follow to the Daily Mail, things kicked back up once she break-up from Jackass" Steve-O, and also at the time, environment-friendly was a solid sufficient maybe-boyfriend to aid her as soon as her automobile broke down. Sadly, Von D wasn"t over poor boys simply yet (if ever).

Tom environment-friendly wasn"t Kat Von D"s just repeat relationship. The star also dated Steve-O twice — when in 2007 and also again in 2016. This is a shock considering the way it seemingly finished the first time around. Probably the ill will died with MySpace, in addition to the lengthy lost demos of our high institution band and also the memories we had with our center school height 8s.

According to Oh No lock Didn"t, the Jackass star was especially bitter ~ breakup #1, posting one of their private conversations ~ above his an individual MySpace page in a scathing blog write-up titled "Kat Von D"s Lies record Up come Her." In it, he accused the assembly mogul of sleeping with many men — consisting of what appears to be other Jackass star Bam Margera and rumored fling Ville Vallo — when she to be still married. He additionally claimed that Von D did, indeed, create the anti-Semitic article that caused a tabloid line in 2008, also though she"s ferociously refuse it. "She"s on document lying around a most things," the wrote, adding, "I don"t care, I"ve moved on now. I"m a happy married family Man."

Apparently, that didn"t move on that much because the pair rekindled the romance nearly a te later. Follow to ET, they lasted simply three months.

An engagement is temporary, but a tattoo is forever. Kat Von D"s complicated dating history wouldn"t be complete without all the permanent reminders, and also we"re not talking around the tabloids. The star is a major fan of obtaining ink to commemorate she relationships. Think about it: she just dated Alex Orbison for around a month prior to permanently affixing his surname to she body, however he"s not the exception, he"s the rule.

Most egregiously, Von D"s famed challenge ink is a tribute to Nikki Sixx. According to Mirror, the stars represent Motley Crue"s track "Starry Eyed." In various other words: she needs to think around her ex every solitary time she watch in the mirror, uneven she offers some that her famed Lock-It tattoo foundation to cover the up.

Most that the time, that doesn"t seem like she sweats her partnership misses. Rather, the tattoos remind she of the an excellent times. When she separation from Jesse James, she called TMZ that she wasn"t remove his tattoo, a ribcage portrait that the star together a child, due to the fact that it was "more than just a portrait, it has actually a most meaning." obtaining cheated on through 19— sorry 18 various women is definitely enough to make a girl change her mind, though. The complying with year, she went v the painful process of getting it removed.

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Following her break-up from Steve-O, Kat Von D take it a year to date around. Throughout that time, she was connected to her very first non-celeb, undercover pet rights investigator Cody Carlson. They fight the red carpet together at the surprise Heroes Gala (Kat"s vegan and even to plan to feeding her child an animal-free diet). According to Revelist, she likewise reportedly dated her longtime friend, artist Kevin Llwellyn. Neither of these relationships stuck, but they did at some point lead her to the one. 

When Von D fell for Prayers singer Leafar Sayer, she fell so difficult that she married him double — and also it all occurred within month of the pair being Instagram official. Hey, the girl move fast. In February 2018, she verified off your wedding bands and matching manicures. Four months later, the tattoo artist married her boo a 2nd time in sophisticated gothic-themed wedding. Follow to Brides, there was an "all-black dress code," and also Von D wore a red, long-sleeve gown with devil horns. The entirety thing looked nice wild, an especially the person holding her lengthy veil in a full-on, latex-looking bondage suit. Were those her bridesmaids? walk they capture her bouquet? Sayer also wore a veil, yet his didn"t require extra hands. Who said second weddings couldn"t be big?

There to be a time in Kat Von D"s life when she didn"t desire children. In a 2012 interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky, the tattoo artist revealed, "I"ve known due to the fact that I was seven years old that i was never going to have youngsters ... Ns just constantly imagined myself together this worldly, travelled gypsy lady ... It"s not what I want ... And I don"t want to placed my body with it." fast forward six years, and the star completely changed her tune. True love will perform that.

Three month after the couple"s February nuptials, Von D revealed that she to be pregnant through a boy, who they planned to name Leafar after her husband"s stage name. Despite it seemed favor she was ultimately stepping far from the drama, it took all however a month for she to spark web outrage as soon as she announced in a now-deleted Instagram write-up (via Page Six) that she had actually the "intention of raising a vegetable child, without vaccinations."

According come ET, the baby come in December — and also yes, he was vaccinated. In an interview v the Los Angeles Times, Von D asserted she wasn"t "an anti-vaxxer at all" and also was just "completely uninformed."