Justin Long is just one of those actors whose name you could not recognize, but when you watch his face, the becomes instantly familiar. He has been starring in off-beat comedies and also sci-fi independent projects since 1999. In his personal life, Long had a really public connection for several years with drew Barrymore. What many civilization don’t know is the he has actually a star-studded dating history of being with very famous ladies over the years. 

Justin Long’s thriving career in Hollywood

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Long gained his begin in Hollywood in Galaxy Quest, where he depicted a nerdy geek, alongside exhilaration greats Sigourney Weaver and also Tim Allen. In 2000, he joined the cast of the television sitcom, Ed. Long walk on to work on Jeepers Creepers and gained vital acclaim in the film Dodgeball, working v comedic legends Vince Vaughn and also Ben Stiller. In 2003, Britney Spears’ fans fell in love with lengthy when he showed up with she in Crossroads. The duo common an on-screen kiss, and the fandom go wild. Long’s movie credits include Accepted, Zack and Miri make a Porno, and Then ns Go, along v many more over his twenty years in the movie industry. Lengthy is likewise well-known because that his role as The Mac guy in Apple’s iconic television campaign.

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Justin Long’s vault relationships

attracted Barrymore and also Justin lengthy are ~spending time together~ eight year after their split. He's simply that into her. (We're taking any type of excuse to litter in a reference to among the best movies of our generation, okay?!) attach in bio for every the details. (: Getty Images)

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Long has actually never married, but he does have a lengthy list of high-profile girlfriends. In 2002, he was spotted in ~ the celebrity hotspot, Chateau Marmont, v Kirsten Dunst. Dating rumors started as the pair was seen laughing their means around town, plainly showing indications of publicly affection.

His most public relationship was v Barrymore, that he had an on-again-off-again relationship with native 2007 to 2010. The pair began dating after conference on the set of He’s simply Not That right into You. The movie location rang true and also the two split up, however a decade later Long quiet considers her a friend, informing US Weekly, “I love Drew.”

Before Barrymore, he had actually been dating French supermodel Olga Kurylenko. Native 2005 come 2007, long was in a connection with Accepted co-star, Kaitlyn DoubledayAfter your breakup, he to be spotted at the Playboy Mansion hooking up through Maggie Q, that is ideal known for her duty on the CW’s Nikita. In 2013, Mamma Mia! Star, Amanda Seyfried, reached out to long after see something the made she laugh ~ above his Instagram feed. He had actually captioned a photo of a snail with “F–g MOOOOOOOOVE.” She found it hilarious, reached out come him, and also they started dating. In 2015, the pair “grew apart” and also Long began a partnership the adhering to year v Lauren Mayberry, lead singer that CHVRCHES.

For two years, the pair shared a love because that philanthropy and one another. They broke up in 2018 after ~ Mayberry denied the she was even in a connection with Long. Rumors climate swirled the Long and Barrymore were with each other again, after gift spotted in a brand-new York City hotel, but E! evidenced the two were just “spending time together.” the doesn’t it seems ~ that lengthy is right now in a relationship, yet with his track record of star-studded females on his arm, it’s only a matter of time before the next celebrity girlfriend comes along.


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What is Justin lengthy working ~ above now?

Long currently hosts a podcast entitledLife is Short.

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He seems to have found a corner of the net that provides him feeling happy and also relaxed. His knack for talking helps placed guests at ease, together he discusses do the many of our “short time here on Earth.”

Long has a small role in the Netflix smash hit Giri/Haji that to be released in early January. He additionally will it is in hosting Shop Class, a display for Disney+ and starring in an independent film, After Class. Long will additionally be do a long-awaited go back to the huge screen in epos Pictures’ The Wave. Released in at an early stage 2020, the film complies with Long’s character, who is an insurance lawyer top top a hallucinogenic quest. Follow to Rotten Tomatoes, “Long’s power helps this pleasantly offbeat sci-fi fantasy find its way.” Hopefully, this task will assist Long find his method back to starring duties in Hollywood.