Larry Csonka to be born ~ above the 25th that December 1946 in Stow, Ohio. In addition, he is just one of a famous American previous Pro Football hall of call football player and also actor. Thus, he is famous for his offensive playing style as a Fullback. Plus, the is a host for NBC sports Network and also a motivational speaker. Latest, the performed in the TV series, Flea market Fanatics in 2019.

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While talking around the family members the Larry, the is a son child come his parents, Joseph Csonka and Mildred Heath. His father and mother usage to be farmer by profession. Plus, he has 5 siblings called Nancy, Joe, Andy, Norita, and Anita. Besides, that holds one American nationality and also belongs come Hungarian ethnicity.


Regarding scholastic background, Csonka studied at Stow High School. He started his football journey together running earlier from his high school time. He used to pat in the defensive end as he has actually a huge body physique. Moreover, he played for 3 year Metropolitan league of the Akron-area championship because that the school.

Later, he enrolled in ~ Syracuse college where he provides his continuity come football together a center line back. Transparent his college days, that was named as MVP player in the video game including East-West Shrine Game, the Hula Bowl, and the university All-Star Game. Likewise, in 1989, he was admired by the college Football room of Fame.


Moving in the direction of the partnership of Larry Csonka, the is a divorce man. But, his existing relationship status appears to it is in single. Previously, the tied the node to Pamela Csonka. The couple tied the knot in 1967. Also, the couple has two children together, Doug Csonka and Paul Csonka. However, their connection does not last long and also the couple got divorced on the 12th the November 1987. Larry likewise had a daughter called Lori Michelle Holmes.

As of now, Larry is living in Wasilla, Alaska v the co-host of phibìc to Alaska, Audrey Bradshaw where they room marinating their farms too.

Age, height & Weight

American soccer fullback, Csonka is 73 years old. He has actually black eyes through fair hair. He belongs to a tall structure height and a hefty body figure. Hence, his elevation stands 6 feet 3 customs tall and also weighs 108 kg.

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Net Worth

Larry Csonka is a talented football fullback that earns a handsome quantity of network worth. Thus, he has approximated his net worth that $2 million.

Overview (12)

Full Name: Larry CsonkaBirth Date: December 25, 1946Birth Place: Stow, OhioParents: joseph Csonka and Mildred HeathSiblings: Nancy, Joe, Andy, Norita, and AnitaRelationship Status: DivorcedNationality: AmericanEthnicity: HungarianHeight: 6 feet 3 inchesWeight: 108 kgHoroscope: CapricornNet Worth: f $2 million

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