This Christmas sales season, a no-name company beat every various other television manufacturer top top the planet. Anyone wants one of their sets. Good luck gaining your hand on one, though.But that is this brand-new flat display TV maker, and also why can't it store its product in stock?


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It"s cheap. It"s high-quality. It"s the No. 1 best-selling television on (NASDAQ:AMZN), the No. 3 "most wished for" -- but an excellent luck acquiring your hands on one.

"oCosmo" is the name, and this Christmas sales season, beating every other television manufacturer on the planet shows up to be its game. However who precisely is oCosmo, and why can"t you buy it?

Actually, that"s rather a story.


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A (very short) history of oCosmo If the surname "oCosmo" doesn"t ring a bell because that you, that"s no surprising. The brand burst onto the step this year, virtually literally out of nowhere. As defined on the company"s website, although that is operation by folks v "over 2 decade that experiences together veterans in the display and sound industry" <sic> oCosmo to be only started in "early 2013."

Where go this company come from? The quick answer is that it appears to it is in a "luxury" department of the same privately controlled company, Sceptre Technologies, which own the Sceptre brand that low-cost flat-screen TVs. Not coincidentally, Sceptre has remained in business because 1984 -- which explains oCosmo"s "two decade" boast.

Both oCosmo and also Sceptre re-publishing the same attend to in City of Industry, Calif. Calls inserted to oCosmo go into a voice mail device that starts with the announcement: "Thank you because that calling Sceptre, where top quality meets affordability." phone reps then explain that oCosmo is alternately a "sister brand" of Sceptre, or rather the company"s "high-end" brand.

So hope that gets rid of that up.

Short history, (too?) big success What"s really interesting around oCosmo, that course, is how easily it has risen to prominence without any pre-existing product commitment to support its success.

As the this moment when ns am writing, Sceptre ranks together the No. 1 top-selling TV at Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT). At one allude in the midst of the Christmas marketing season, oCosmo TVs regulated three of the peak 10 slots because that "best selling" TVs top top At one point Friday, while two of the models had actually fallen turn off the list, oCosmo"s 32-inch, 720p, 60Hz LED HDTV continued to be the No. 1 best-seller ~ above Amazon"s website -- in ~ a price of simply $179.99. Oops. Just clicked again. Now it appears to only be available from a third-party seller in ~ a price that $299.

One factor that only one oCosmo model remains on the optimal 10 perform (albeit, at absolute "No. 1") is that oCosmo quickly became a victim the its own success.

Multiple times end the past few weeks, searches because that its products revealed that Amazon had none left in stock. They just sold out, and most remain sold-out come this day.

Is the a bargain? But why is that? i mean, combine an as-yet no-name brand name through a super-low product price, and it"s just logical that consumers could fear the TV is too an excellent to be true -- that oCosmo is "cheap because that a reason," and therefore a product to it is in avoided.

Two facts argue versus jumping to this conclusion, however, and they explain the company"s wildfire success.

First and foremost is Amazon"s ballyhooed product rating system. OCosmo"s best-selling 32-inch LED tote a strong rating of four out of five feasible stars on Amazon -- around equal come the rating top top a 32-inch 1080p Samsung that costs $110 much more and ranking in only third place.

oCosmo"s 47-inch, 1080p HDTV scored even far better (as that this writing as soon as it to be still available). It gathered a whopping four-and-a-half stars -- a half-step ahead of a monster 65-inch Panasonic (OTC:PCRFY) Viera plasma TV that expense 10 times more than the oCosmo, and lagging behind only the five-star rating provided to a 55-inch Sony (NYSE:SONY) that expense eight times as much.

As for the 2nd reason behind oCosmo"s success -- and a selling point for the product. Well, just wait till you listen this.

A surprise endingIf you take place to gain hold of the 40-incher, take it residence and shot to program a global remote controller to run it, and also it turns out that the manufacturer far codes that the "oCosmo" responds to space -- wait for it -- Sony"s.

Does this average that oCosmo is really a contract manufacturer because that Sony, and also that that is TVs are sensible equivalents of Sony to adjust that retail for virtually twice the price of one oCosmo?

I open minded don"t know. Yet if that"s the case -- that would often tend to define why the oCosmos garner together high ratings native consumers, and also why oCosmo has suddenly end up being the best-selling TV manufacturer in America.

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