Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is previous U.S. Armed forces general. He is dad of Bruce Banner"s love Betty Ross and also was archenemy of the tremendous Hulk. Ross do a resolve villains to be transformed right into a Hulk himself. Together the ruthless and also cunning Red Hulk, that attempted to damage his nemesis and take manage of the country before seeking redemption as an Avenger. ~ leaving the team,he created his own team of Thunderbolts with various other Anti-Heroes. The was newly depowered by medical professional Green.

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He"s not. It"s simply seems that method cause just how his powers work. He could never reach the boundaries of WWHulk.

this is the very same as Herc....herc is stronger than hulk  ALL THE TIME conserve for when hulk goes come his extremes. In general Herc is far stronger than Hulk.Same because that Rulk hes more powerful than through not just a little by a TON when again conserve for Hulks too much baby tanturms! LOL Rulk took on and made quick work of THOR and HULK ns am not will certainly to say Rulk to win THOR but I will say he encountered him conveniently same because that hulk.Rulk also took on all those woman powerhouses and also gave em HELL.Rulk is a force

this is the same as Herc....herc is stronger thanhulk all THE TIME save for when hulk goes to his extremes. ...
not sure around this one I just know the Hulk has showed up stronger in the last pair of Hulk comics over the year.

to me i say your evenly enhance the just reason rulk won most of lock was reason he still had actually his intellict however he so what stronger yet the difference in between him and also hulk is the rulk get hotter when he get an ext angry and also he may be to store his intellict uneven hulk who begins to talk choose a 4 yr old

Think of Rulk as a beefed increase Doc Samson. Now prior to you every jump in ~ me on that, permit me share mine logic.Doc Samson is as solid as a patience Hulk. Rulk is clearly a many stronger. But as it states in the comic, he gets hotter as he it s okay angrier. Together oppose come Hulk who gets more powerful as he gets angrier which means Rulk deserve to never truly reach the levels of stamin Hulk is capable of. The Hulk has actually never to be stronger before or after ~ the minute just before Stark hits him with the satelite throughout WWH. Theres no doubt in my mind the Rulk would gain pwned by Hulk simply after that finds the end what Miek did throughout WWH. The stomped the floor in Manhattan and helicopters hundreds of miles away practically fell the end of the sky.

Red Hulk it s okay weaker if he overheats. The angrier he it s okay the much more his human body temperature rises and he at some point gets weak from all the heat.

Base stamin he"s stronger. If Hulk in a "calm" state deserve to lift 100-200 tons, the Rulk deserve to lift 200-500 tons. However, environment-friendly Hulk gains strength gradually while Red Hulk keeps his stamin the same.

Red Hulk and Hulk haven"t unable to do at it in a lengthy time tho. Ns think if they had actually a rematch Hulk can not need Thor"s help anymore, considering Red Hulk doesn"t absorb energy anymore.


They"ll never match up, uneven Hulk gets possessed again. Ross is done with searching or even smacking the Hulk around after the events of people War Hulks/Fall of the hulks.

I"d to speak they are about as strong as each other now. I median the avengers go crying come hulk to help then however why would they carry out that if they had actually red hulk wich lock did. This type of thing depends on the writer the factor why rulk was so strong to begin with was not just the capacity to absorb energetic but due to the fact that he had actually a lot of armed forces training and experience.

SpaceBall98 said:

I"d to speak they are around as solid as each other now. I average the avengers went crying come hulk to assist then yet why would they carry out that if they had red hulk wich castle did. This sort of thing relies on the writer the reason why rulk was so strong to start with to be not just the capacity to absorb energetic but due to the fact that he had actually a many of military training and also experience.

Yeah and also then throughout the battles, Red Hulk was defeated by Juggernaut Colossus (not possessed by Pheonix Force) and Hulk to be able to usage Emma Frost together a rag doll (possessed by Pheonix Force and only split between her and also Cyclops.) close to the end of Avengers vs X-Men.

I would certainly chalk that approximately inconsistent writing however I additionally feel together though general Ross trades some strength for intelligence as Red Hulk seeing as just how he deserve to talk in very first person, and in complete, systematic sentences. Whereas Hulk tho talks choose Tarzan. Hopefully that will change though...


Hulk"s more powerful Rulk"s smarter. It"s fair.

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This ^

Which is sort of silly considering how Bruce Banner is just one of the smartest males on the planet and General Ross is nowhere close to that level the intelligence. Banner has really just accepted The Hulk despite as seen in the Indestructible Hulk #1 and also #2.