Former FLYLEAF singer and also current Christian rock solo artist Lacey Sturm is filling in for SKILLET drummer and female vocalist Jen Ledger ~ above five days during the last band"s tour v BREAKING BENJAMIN. Lacey is no playing drums at these shows, yet is lending her vocals to the group in Jen"s absence.

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Video clip of Sturm"s very first concert with SKILLET, which took place last night (Friday, march 15) at Dow Event facility in Saginaw, Michigan, have the right to be watched below.

Ledger is required to miss the SKILLET concerts since they overlap with the "Winter Jam tourism Spectacular", on i m sorry Ledger is a featured artist this year.

This isn"t the very first time Sturm has collaborated with SKILLET. She sang top top the group"s recent single "Breaking Free", which showed up on the deluxe variation of SKILLET"s recent album, "Unleashed Beyond".

Ledger released her first solo EP, title "Ledger", in April 2018 through Hear it Loud, a label imprint launched by SKILLET frontman John Cooper and also his wife, SKILLET keyboardist Korey Cooper.

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Jen called Audio squid Radio about her debut solo EP: "It was 6 years ago when i felt attracted to create my own songs and also start express myself that way, and also I"ve type of been under an apprenticeship v the Coopers. They"ve really taken me under your wings and have to be training me and teaching me exactly how to write, so it"s to be a six-year journey now. It"s to be such a journey, because to start, i can"t think I"ve acquired to play north in a band for 10 years."

Sturm will appear with SKILLET ~ above the complying with dates:

March 21 - Milwaukee, WI.
Eagles BallroomMarch 23 - La Crosse, WI.
La Crosse center ArenaMarch 29 - Mankato, MN
Verizon CenterMarch 31 - Bismarck, ND
Bismarck occasion Center


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