The recent Mattress certain commercial looks less like a fun, funky map out and much more like an intro for a dark, gritty Showtime television series. And also the lead actor in the advertisement is much more than partially responsible. 

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"Junk sleep is an accident waiting to happen," that says against a dark backdrop. Lights climate strike behind him together Kate, hunched over a desk and also typing away frantically, is listed as not having actually talked to a Mattress Firm skilled — and paying a very heavy price for her failure. (She hits "reply all" on one email. Yikes. We"ve all been there.) The actor, of course, intersperses a small bit of feeling as the pretends to kind away on one invisible keyboard, however the article is clear: speak to a Mattress certain expert around your following mattress purchase or suffer the consequences of a poor night"s sleep. 

But why go the actor in the Mattress firm commercial look so familiar? Keep reading to uncover out.

Fans the the hit Showtime series "Ray Donovan" currently know the the actor in the Mattress firm commercial is none various other than Liev Schreiber, that plays the title role. Also though his IMDb shows a most "gritty" functions to his credit, he"s also got some comedic roles under his belt as well. For example, walk you understand that he provided the voice of Iron guy on an illustration of "Robot Chicken?"

Per The Hollywood Reporter, fans of "Ray Donovan" to be upset as soon as the popular display was canceled after ~ seven seasons on the air. But, there"s some an excellent news because that fans that the show: Schreiber will certainly be reviving his function for a one-off film, follow to Deadline! 

Schreiber has been posting some updates about the movie to his Instagram page, too. His most recent write-up was ~ above July 1st, which he title "More Donovans," lot to the pleasure of several fans. Keep analysis to discover out what we know, for this reason far, around the upcoming "Ray Donovan" film.


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In early on July 2021, to be on hand as Liev Schreiber and also the rest of the "Ray Donovan" actors were filming the show on the roadways of the new England city. Schreiber to be kind enough to pose with fans in between breaks, and also a few other fans caught candid image of his costar Jon Voight, too. 

In a July 2021 interview with the Associated Press, Schreiber offered some understanding into the film. "We"ve obtained the "Ray Donovan" movie coming out on Showtime that i wrote with David Hollander," that said. "We just finished shooting that in Boston."

When inquiry if the movie will administer a conclusion to the show, though, Schreiber played it cagey. "That continues to be to it is in seen," the said. "There are ongoing conversations around that. Next from gift the titular character, i am through no means the authority on that subject. At a details point, it"s going to obtain silly, though. Girlfriend know, ray Donovan through a colostomy bag is not precisely exciting television. Ns am aging." We"ll be sure to watch it regardless, though!