The NBA is known for its tall, lanky athletes. When we picture a basketball player, the body type of a Kevin Durant or Michael Jordan usually comes to mind. However there are additionally some pretty big, and also maybe even too big, dudes that deserve to ball together well. Here are the 5 heaviest players in the league right now according to your official provided weights on

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5. Brook Lopez


The Bucks facility is a huge, listed at 282 pounds at seven feet tall. Brook Lopez has transitioned into a three-point specialist due to the fact that relocating to Milwaukee, yet carries some mass that recalls his low-post days.

4. Nikola Jokic


Nikola Jokic is the fourth-heaviest player in the organization at 284, and also he sure looks like every little of it. Despite his doughy appearance, however, the Nuggets large man is in reality incredible professional with good footwork, and also has a case for gift the solitary best center in the NBA.

3. Zion Williamson


Yup, Zion Williamsin is that big. Countless fear that relentless style of play might present health difficulties in the lengthy term, specifically given his his knee issues, however the Pelicans phenom's ability to fly out of the gym and also run the floor in ~ 284 pounds is miscellaneous incredible.

2. Boban Marjanovic


This shouldn't come together a shocker. In ~ 7-foot-4, Boban Marjanovic is not only freakishly tall, yet just generally vast weighing in in ~ 290 pounds. The Mavericks facility is a monster, but additionally such a lovable goof in ~ the same time. And he was in the 3rd John Wick movie, i m sorry no various other player ~ above this list deserve to say for himself.

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1. Tacko Fall


No, Boban isn't the greatest player in the NBA. That title belongs to 7-foot-5 Celtics rookie Tacko Fall. Though in the G league at the moment, autumn is still listed on Boston's roster at an astounding 311 pounds. It's tiny wonder that this huge man is such a pan favorite.