A Midsummer Night’s Dream has 21 named characters as well as various other little roles, such together fairy servants to Titania. The personalities in the play deserve to be broken up into 4 groups; The Athenian, who are the authoritative characters in the lifwynnfoundation.orgurt that Athens, The Lovers, who room Athenians who space lead by your desires to escape native the city, The Mechanicals, who are lower-class ‘workmen’ indigenous Athens, and The Fairies, who are a omniscient and magical force in the forest.

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The Athenians

Theseus – The duke of Athens. Theseus is the head ‘Athenian’ and also is marrying Hippolyta. Occasions in A Midsummer Night’s Dream evolve about their wedding.Hippolyta – The future wife of Theseus and also the Queen the the Amazons.Egeus – Father the Hermia. Egeus is extremely keen for Hermia to marry Demetrius. That does not approve of Lysander.Philostrate – Master of Ceremonies. Philostrate hires The Mechanicals to do at the ‘royal’ wedding.

The Lovers

Helena – The young lady vying for Demetrius’ affections.Hermia – Daughter that Egeus and in love through Lysander. Hermia and also Lysander arrangement to run away together so that she does not have to marry Demetrius.Demetrius – In love through Hermia and wants to marry her. Initially he has actually no attention in Helena.Lysander – In love through Hermia and planning on running away v her.

The Mechanicals

Nick Bottom – The cheeky weaver that is actors as Pyramus in the imperial production. Bottom belifwynnfoundation.orgmes Titania’s lover.Peter Quince – A carpenter and leader that the Mechanicals. Quince acts favor a kind of director and reads the prologue the the play.Francis Flute – A mender. Flute plays the woman Thisbe in the imperial production.Robin Staveling – A tailor. Staveling is a humorous mechanical and also portrays “moonshine” in the royal play.Thomas Snout – A Tinker. Snout is whimsically cast as a wall in the imperial play.Snug – A joiner. Snug dram Lion in the royal production.

The Fairies

Oberon – King of the Fairies and also Titania’s on/off lover.Titania – Queen that the Faires and Oberon’s lover.Puck – A cheeky fairy and servant come Oberon.Peaselblossom , Mothlifwynnfoundation.orgbwebMustardseed – Fairy servants to Titania.

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