After make the world and also all the animals, God produced Adam, the first man, ~ above the 6th day that creation. Adam named every one of the animals and also then God created the second person, Eve, on that exact same day. God placed Adam and Eve in the perfect Garden the Eden wherein they resided in an untarnished connection with God. At the end of the 6th day, God referred to as everything He had actually made “very good.”

Garden that Eden 360° virtual Tour

When you visit the creation Museum, friend will start your journey into the 7 C’s of background in the Garden the Eden. Record a glimpse the this walkthrough with this 360° digital Tour.

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Walking in the Garden

At the production Museum, you will walk with biblical history, including through the idyllic Garden of Eden. Obtain a taste because that the beauty and diversity of god’s original, perfect creation. You’ll most likely spot part unfamiliar-looking animals too.


Original Sin

God forbade Adam and Eve to eat from one tree in the Garden that Eden, however the an excellent deceiver, Satan, disguised together a serpent, tempted Eve. The serpent uttered the an initial attack on oh my gosh Word, “Did God really say ...?” What happened next adjusted everything.


Effects of the Fall

Adam and also Eve sinned by eating the forbidden fruit. Death, suffering, gift plants, awful animals, and all kinds of physical and spiritual hardship are because of original sin and have afflicted creation because the Fall. Discover out how this fateful day still affects us today, and what God did to repair it.

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Encounter the True Account the Creation

From the very an initial day when God developed the heavens and the earth, come the 6th day as soon as God produced Adam and also Eve and placed lock in the Garden of Eden, come journey through Genesis at the production Museum wherein the true story the creation pertains to life!

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Creation Museum Location

place 2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd. Petersburg, KY 41080 (see map)Seven miles west of the Cincinnati Airport

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