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"Nobody Knows" is a track by R&B artist Tony affluent (then recognized as The Tony wealthy Project) native his 1996 debut album Words. Released together his debut single, the track peaked at number two on both the Billboard warm 100 and Billboard warm Adult modern Tracks charts (in both cases behind Celine Dion"s "Because You loved Me"). It also became a fight in several other countries, topping the irish Singles Chart because that a week in June 1996 and reaching number 2 in Australia and Canada, number four in the joined Kingdom, and the height 20 in the Netherlands, new Zealand and Sweden. Rich received a nomination because that the 1997 Grammy award for finest Male pop Vocal Performance; he lost to Eric Clapton"s "Change the World".more »

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Wish I"d said her how I felt, then probably she"d be right here right now, butInsteadI pretended I"m glad you walk awayThese four walls closing much more everydayAnd I"m dyin" insideAnd nobody knows it however meLike a clown I put on a showThe ache is real also if no one knowsAnd I"m cryin" insideAnd nobody to know it however meWhy didn"t ns say, the things I necessary to sayHow could I let my angel gain awayNow my civilization is simply a tumblin" downI deserve to say that so clearly, yet you"re i do not have anything aroundThe nights room lonely, the days are so sadAnd I simply keep thinkin" about the love that us hadAnd I"m missin" youAnd nobody know it but meI bring a smile as soon as I"m broken in twoAnd I"m nobody without someone favor youI"m tremblin" insideAnd nobody to know it however meI lie awake it"s a quarter past threeI"m screamin" in ~ night if I believed you"d listen meYeah, my heart is callin" youAnd nobody to know it however meHow blue can I get, you can ask mine heartBut choose a jigsaw puzzle it"s to be torn all apartA million native couldn"t speak just exactly how I feelA million year from now you know I"ll be lovin" friend stillThe nights space lonely the days are so sadAnd I just keep thinkin" about the love that us hadAnd I"m missin" youAnd nobody knows it yet meYeah, Ohh, uhh, whoa, omomNobody, nobody, yet meTomorrow morning I"m hittin" the dusty roadGonna discover you where ever, ever you might goAnd I"m gonna unload mine heartAnd expect you come earlier to meYeah, sad once the nights room lonelyThe nights space lonely, the days are so sadAnd I just keep thinkin" about the love that we hadAnd I"m missin" youAnd nobody to know it but me

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Tony wealthy Tony well-off (born Antonio Jeffries; November 19, 1971, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.) is a modern-day R&B singer-songwriter. Much more »