Celine Dion has actually released numerous successful music — and also one of her hits was a long time coming. Three significant artists videotaped this track prior to Dion obtained her hand on it — and also each of their recordings charted top top the Billboard warm 100. Here’s how Dion feeling the very first time she heard this powerful track.

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Celine Dion | ROBERT LABERGE/AFP via Getty Images

The first three execution of a fight ballad

Power ballads were substantial in the 1980s but they were arguably bigger in the 1990s. Among Dion’s songs proves this thesis. It was a mildly effective track in the 1980s yet it only reached the summit that the Billboard hot 100 as soon as Dion spanned it in the 1990s. That all began with an artist referred to as Jennifer Rush.

Rush released a beautiful strength ballad dubbed “The strength of Love” — no to be confused with the hit of the exact same name by Huey Lewis and also the News. Rush’s song became a young hit, getting to No. 57 on the Billboard hot 100. Her song could have to be forgotten, however, 3 artists much more famous than her covered it. 

“The strength of Love” by Jennifer Rush

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The an initial was waiting Supply. Most known for strength ballads favor “All the end of Love” and also “Making Love the end of Nothing at all,” for this reason “The power of Love” was a perfect fit for them. Your cover — called “Power of Love (You room My Lady” — reached No. 68 top top the Billboard hot 100. Notably, the the only of the four charting execution of “The power of Love” i m sorry reverses the genders in the song’s lyrics. Following up, a well known dance artist covered the track.

Laura Branigan is most well-known for her songs “Self Control” and “Gloria.” she’s a run diva, but she knows how to do a ballad. She take it “The strength of Love” to its highest possible peak ~ above the Billboard warm 100 however — No. 26. It still took Celine to lug it to No. 1.

“Power of Love” through Laura Branigan

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How Celine Dion reacted to the song

Dion defined how she reacted to “The power of Love” when she very first heard it. “When i listen to ‘The power of Love’ it provided me goosebumps best away, and I can not wait to document it,” she said Billboard. “It’s not prefer I want to perform it much better than the original; it’s just that if you know you can lug some new emotion to it, the deserves to be done….”

She continued “For me, ‘The power of Love’ had actually to it is in treated merely in the beginning, yet by the end it’s really powerful, for this reason why not open the pipes? and if you desire to open up up and sing strong, you could not have a better song than ‘The strength of Love.’” In addition, Dion described why she decides to sing certain songs.

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“The strength of Love” by Celine Dion

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“I desire to execute songs i can carry feeling and also emotion to,” Dion revealed. “Feeling is everything to me. Absolutely. It doesn’t issue to me if that a brand-new song or one old song, or if that written simply for me. But a song has actually to lug something to me prior to I lug something to a song.” Dion carried something come “The power of Love” musically — and also she brought it to the height of the charts.