Throughout soap opera history there have actually been characters who may have actually had quick runs, but they have additionally left lasting impressions. That’s the case with Blackie Parrish, played by john Stamos, ~ above General Hospital! Here’s a look back at the renowned Blackie, that is gone but never forget in the hearts of soap fans.

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Who Is Blackie Parrish

Poor Blackie (born Albert) Parrish to be living top top the streets as a teen complying with the death of his mother. That was embraced by two respected doctors, Rick and Lesley Webber. Happen Blackie right into their lives aided occupy Rick and also especially Lesley, who was grieving the lose of her “late” daughter, Laura. Blackie helped Rick by cleaning up the waterfront and opening increase a youth center.

Laura’s BrotherWhen Laura returned to Port Charles, originally attempting to hide her identity, she encountered Blackie on the neighborhood college campus. It to be odd however apparently Blackie had actually never also seen a photo of his “late” sister.

So once he met Laura, he had no idea the she to be the presumed dead wife of his pal and mentor Luke Spencer. Blackie to be hurt as soon as Luke decided to quit being mayor and also travel the people with Laura, yet Luke assisted him see that he necessary to monitor his dreams.

It had To it is in LouBlackie Parrish uncovered true love v Lou (AKA Louisa) who, like Blackie, had been life on the street. Castle bonded end their mutual attraction and their love of music. They developed a band called Blackie and the Riff Raff. In it, Blackie played the drums.

Sneak Attack

Blackie came to be roommates v the group’s singer, Frisco Jones. Feeling pressure to compose a hit song for the band, Blackie “appropriated” a tune from Josh, a bellboy in ~ the port Charles Hotel. Steffi Brand, the band’s scheming manager, gained in the center of a physical battle for the tape that confirmed Josh to be the initial writer.

During the fray, Lou fell, hit her head, and also died. Jake Meyer represented Blackie and also the courthouse was filled v supporters for the young man. Even though Blackie wasn’t straight responsible (it to be Steffi), he felt so lot guilt that he virtually wanted to walk to jail for Lou’s manslaughter. The judge also provided that Blackie’s duty in thefts the tune led to Lou’s death.

Life After port Charles — and General HospitalBlackie has never went back to Port Charles in spite of having paid his blame to society an ext than 30 year ago. (Stamos, however, did execute a guest illustration on GH as himself in July 1992).

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Also, Blackie’s sentencing job from 1984 was re-broadcast by alphabet in 1997 as component of the short-lived “A Daytime to Remember” collection that looked earlier at standard soap moments. Hold Reba McEntire quipped that Blackie go from the “big home to the full House,” to express the long-running alphabet sitcom on i beg your pardon Stamos starred. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your neighborhood listings for airtimes.

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