False challenge is the grasp of disguise, he would certainly fool anyone, the can readjust himself come look favor anyone. He also disguised himself together Chief O’Hara and also Commissioner Gordon come fool our heroes.

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Malachi Throne

“Originally False-Face was to be done v make up, yet due come production troubles or decision a plastic mask was provided instead. It was a an excellent character , yet the difficulty was that the mask came out rather ugly and also uncomical as soon as photographed. The mask to be bad, and it prevent the character from repeating due to the fact that there to be no solution to the character. Although ns felt my occupational was an excellent , it would have been far better had they stuck to the original concept- different facial disguises. Also the principle of False face not gift headlined was my idea. The question mark in the credits to be the producers choice, but during a contractual debate I insisted that my name be withdrawn indigenous the credits because there to be going to be no confront on it and also no genuine acting. Ns was irate sufficient to say, Anyone could have played that component behind that kind of mask, therefore please retract my name from the credits. In the meantime a large amount that publicity developed from that with regard to what had leaked the end not with regard to me yet with to the to even if it is Frank Sinatra was play the part or Sammy Davis was play the part, or carry Grant, since everything to be so celebrity aware during the early days of Batman.So everybody in city was having a good time guessing that was play False Face. Manager Billy Graham cast me in it even though i was not on the very same name level as few of the various other people. That was choose a coup, yet they traction the rug out from under me with that stupid mask.” – Malachi



False confront wore a mask so that was complicated to recognize who to be actor was playing False Face. So the producers attributed him together “?” except on the critical episode, at the end where the credits are presented Malachi to be credited.

These illustration are based on a June 1958 comic publication story.

During the scene at the Bioscope Studios, wherein Chief O’Hara drives approximately the false Batmobile, look right into the rearview mirror as you are able to watch a cameraman, that is in the earlier seat of the car.

False face only appeared for one storyline. The character never returned together the False challenge mask scared younger viewers.

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False challenge substituted the well known Batman rogue Two challenge for the 1960’s series. This was due to the fact that the Two confront character was viewed as “too gruesome and also violent” to appear in a show which to be to appeal to younger viewers as well as adults. Ironically, the mask provided for the substituted False challenge character finished up frightening younger viewers (see trivia #4).