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will certainly Ferrell had recently left "Saturday Night Live" before starring in "Elf." Warner Home video

In 2002, Ferrell finished his operation on "Saturday Night Live" come prepare to do a name for self in film.

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In 2003,Ferrell starred in "Elf" and also the R-rated comedy "Old School."

Ferrell told Entertainment Weekly in 2007 that prior to taking ~ above the function of girlfriend the Elf, he requested that the movie stay lighthearted and also took cues native the Tom Hanks film "Big" in developing his character"s childlike persona.


will Ferrell has been in many movies since. Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

Since bringing Buddy come life, Ferrell has gone on to act in end 20 full-length feature films, consisting of "Anchorman," "Kicking and Screaming," "Step Brothers," and also "Get Hard."

He"s likewise gone behind-the-scenes as an executive producer, working on fight shows favor Netflix "s "Dead come Me" and top-rated films like "Booksmart."

Recently, the starred in "Eurovision track Contest: The Story of Fire Saga" and has continued down his producing path, v several movies lined increase in postproduction.


Zooey Deschanel trust she acquired the role because of her to sing ability. new Line Cinema

"Elf" to be the ninth feature-length movie thatDeschanel had showed up in due to the fact that launching her exhilaration career in 1998.

At the moment "Elf" debuted, Deschanel was a relatively new actress in Hollywood v a couple of films under she belt, consisting of "All the actual Girls" and also "Almost Famous."

In a 2018 interview through Variety, Deschanel claimed that she to be the 2nd choice for the role and at some point starred in the movie together Jovie as soon as the film"s very first choice to reduce out.

And in 2003, she told that she believed she mostly obtained the part because she can sing.


Zooey Deschanel had a seven-season run as Jess work on "New Girl." Timothy Hiatt/Getty

Post-"Elf," the actress starred in several major movies, consisting of "The Hitchhiker"s guide to the Galaxy," "500 work of Summer," and "Trolls."

In 2006, she created a two-person indie band with M. Ward dubbed She and also Him. The pair has released multiple studio albums together.

Deschanel landed her most notable role as Jessica day on the Fox present "New Girl" in 2011. The series ended in 2018 after 7 seasons.

In 2020, she lent her voice come the character Bridget in "Trolls human being Tour" and appeared in the short "Katy Perry: not the end of the World"as a lookalike of the popular music star.

James Caan had been in the organization for a long time. new Line Cinema

Caan wasn"t a Hollywood newbie once he join the "Elf" cast as Buddy"s father, Walter.

The seasoned actor had previously starred in films like "Misery," "The Godfather," and also "Funny Lady."

James Caan has actually been affiliated in too many of different projects. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty pictures

In 2013, Caan called the AV Club that he remembers "Elf" as one of his favourite comedy productions.

Since starring in the holiday flick, he"s operated on TV series like NBC"s "Las Vegas," and also he"s ongoing to star in well-known movies choose "Undercover Grandpa."

He"s also gone on come voice a character in "Cloudy through a possibility of Meatballs" and several "Godfather" video-game characters.

His film "Never too Late" is in postproduction, and also he"s slated to appear in number of announced movies.

Bob Newhart had actually his very own TV display in the 1970s. Warner brothers

Having voiced young name in Disney"s "The Rescuers" and "The Rescuers: under Under" and also appearing in famous films choose "In and also Out" and also "Legally Blonde 2," Newhart was a famous actor before joining the cast of "Elf."

He also had his very own CBS TV collection in the 1970s title "The Bob Newhart Show," which ran for six years.

Starring together Papa Elf in the 2003 film, Newhart had actually to show up much shorter than his adoptive son, Buddy, which entailed standing several feet away from Ferrell while acting, follow to Variety.

Bob Newhart showed up in "Horrible Bosses" ~ "Elf." Frederick M. Brown/Getty photos

Although the has ongoing his job-related on TV, Newhart has only showed up in one feature-length film since the release of "Elf" — the 2011 movie "Horrible Bosses" starring Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman.

Newhart has additionally made frequent appearances on shows favor TNT"s "The Librarians" and also CBS" "The huge Bang Theory."

In 2017, that reprised his role as Papa Elf for a local TV commercial.

Since 2017, he"s played professor Proton on the CBS "Big Bang" spin-off "Young Sheldon."

mary Steenburgen had actually received an Academy Award prior to her function in "Elf." new Line Cinema

Steenburgen had actually made her mark on Hollywood long before the release of "Elf," with duties in movies like "Back to the Future III" and also "What"s eat Gilbert Grape."

She won an Academy award for ideal actress in a supporting duty in 1981 for she performance together Lynda Dummar in "Melvin and also Howard."

The Oscar-winning actress took her talents to the large screen once again as soon as she showed up as Buddy"s stepmom Emily in the film "Elf."

mary Steenburgen was in the 2020 vacation film "Happiest Season." Dominik Bindl/Getty images

"Elf" wouldn"t it is in the last time Steenburgen would appear in a film through Ferrell. In 2008, the duo rejoined in the comedy "Step Brothers," v Steenburgen playing Ferrell"s mom once again.

Steenburgen has appeared on TV collection like CBS" "Joan of Arcadia" and also Netflix"s "Orange Is the brand-new Black."

She was additionally in the movies "Four Christmases," "The Proposal," "The Help," and "A go in the Woods," among many others.

In 2020, she showed up in the much-anticipated vacation movie "Happiest Season."

Daniel Tay to be just beginning out in the film industry when he appeared in "Elf." new Line Cinema

Starring as Michael, Buddy"s fifty percent brother, in the film, Tay"s very first major role was in "Elf."

The just acting credit transaction he had actually prior was in the 2003 movie "American Splendor" together young Harvey.

Daniel Tay walk on to graduate from Yale. Kevin Kane/Getty images for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation

Post-"Elf" success, the boy actor voiced Doogal in the 2006 film of the very same name. He also appeared in the movies "Beer League" in 2006 and also "Brooklyn Rules" in 2007.

His last task was offering the voice of bill Blue in "Grand Theft Auto IV," which to be released in 2009.

In the years due to the fact that "Elf" premiered, Tay graduated from Yale University, follow to the Mirror.

Peter Dinklage played mile Finch in "Elf." brand-new Line Cinemas

With the exemption of "The terminal Agent" in 2003, Dinklage to be a relatively unknown actor before his role in "Elf."

In the film, Dinklage appears as mile Finch, the seemingly grumpy best-selling writer who doesn"t take kindly come Buddy.

Peter Dinklage is recognized for his duty on HBO's "Game of Thrones." man Nacion/STAR MAX/IPx

After "Elf," Dinklage would go ~ above to show up in several well-known movies, consisting of "Death at a Funeral," "The Chronicles the Narnia: Prince Caspian," and "X-Men: job of Future Past."

Most notably, Dinklage play the facility and well-loved personality Tyrion Lannister on "Game of Thrones."

He likewise recently showed up in "Avengers: Infinity War" and also lent his voice to animated movies like "The angry Birds Movie 2"and "The Croods: A brand-new Age."

His project "Cyrano" is in postproduction, and he is slated to appear in several other movies.

Ed Asner is a Hollywood legend. new Lines Cinemas

Starring together Santa in "Elf" might not have been a specifying moment forAsner"s career, however for a generation the kids, it"s one of his many memorable roles.

Asner"s acting career stretches earlier to 1957 once he appeared on the CBS TV collection "Studio One in Hollywood."

He starred in upwards the 50 projects before joining the "Elf" actors in 2003.

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Ed Asner has actually been attributed for end 60 roles. Getty pictures

Asner has actually kept his Hollywood job thriving. Because 2003, Asner has actually been credited with over 60 roles, including the TV quick "Elf: Buddy"s musical Christmas."

He showed up on Netflix"s "Dead to Me" and also Super Channel"s "Forgive Me."

In 2020, he was in the movie "Tiger Within" and also "Rain Beau"s End."

Additionally, Asner has plenty of projects in preproduction and also postproduction.

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