Before she divorce to be finalized, Alex Meneses\" ex-husband had some parting words because that her. The told me, \"You\"re 50 year old, you have actually a kid, no one is going to day you and no one is walk to hire you.I believed to myself: maybe he\"s right? possibly there is nothing an ext for me. It was a minute that hit me hard.\"

Actress and producer Alex Meneses began her TV career playing Teresa Morales in Dr. Quinn medicine Woman and Stefania Fogagnolo, Brad Garrett’s luscious Italian girlfriend on Everybody Loves Raymond. She retired from exhilaration after obtaining married and also subsequently ending up being a mom to she daughter, Stella (now five). Yet a hard divorce offered her a new chapter in life and also she decided to get earlier in the game. 3 months after those soul-crushing native from her ex, Meneses landing a collection regular role on NBC\"s Telenovela together longtime girlfriend Eva Longoria.

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Not just is Meneses ago in the game, yet she\"s hotter 보다 ever and also in the prime of her life and career. MBG spoke through the ALMA and Imagen award nominated actress, whose beauty and kindness were evident.

You thought your ex-husband to be right as soon as he told you that no one would desire to date or rental you again. Just how did you get over those think of negativity?

I will always find toughness through my household and also knowing the there\"s much more to mine life than Hollywood. My daughter, Stella, pressures me to go beyond myself. I have no choice, I need to be existing for her. Ns can\"t let negativity hinder me. If i don\"t feeling good, ns still have to present up. It would be straightforward for me to drink and also party and bury mine feelings, however I can\"t since Stella is up in ~ 6:00 am every day and also she\"s prepared to go!I occupational my life around her when I can.

Your an initial job after ~ stepping out of retirement to be Telenovela as the over-the-top diva Isabela Santamaria. Tell us about that experience.

It was wonderful! all the stars to be aligned and also I obtained Telenovela best off the bat. Ns love Eva desperately. World will an alert her beauty first, but what most world don\"t recognize is that she is a savvy businesswoman and very generous. A many of service people space really protective about what they\"ll give, yet Eva is exceptionally selfless. She will carry out anything to do a job work. She puts her ego aside for the great of the project. Everyone on set got along really well and we all love every other. Even though the display got canceled, we still support each other and also communicate often.


You\"re now recurring ~ above the CW\"s Jane The Virgin as Katherine Cortez. How are Katherine and Isabela similar?

They\"re both larger women that desperately desire to organize on come what castle have. Friend know, they were losing their \"umph\". However, Katherine is a bit much more intact as a human being than Isabella and has far better social skills! She does loss in love through Raphael, who\"s utilizing her to acquire the hotel back, so over there is a treason there, yet they room both strong women. I deserve to understand that. I deserve to relate come that, but not together extreme. I have actually a strong family, a large crew. I have a great life! ns really love my life.

You\"ve gained amazing comedy timing. You yes, really shine in comedy roles. Ns was surprised to learn that you studied at the famed second City in Chicago.

Yes! I prospered up ~ above Chicago\"s southwest side and I took 2 buses to gain to class at 2nd City. Ns was really determined when ns was younger. I had actually a good time there and also I learned a lot. I\"ve spent a lot of my career play leading females or ingénues, yet I also love play character parts. Ns actually discover them more interesting, producing a backstory that provides the character depth.

You look amazing and sound yes, really happy. How do you remain mentally and physically strong?

Well, I\"m a runner and also that help me obtain all my frustration out and it helps with endorphins and also all that. I also try to keep as healthy as possible. I shot not come eat too much sugar and I\"m simply not a large partier or drinker. You know, whatever in moderation. Ns knew girls from college and when ns was younger that partied hard and drank in excess. See them now, they simply look tired and also haggard. Life a clean life is important, for your health and also mind.

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What projects perform you have in the pipeline?

I\"m in talks to job-related on a film collection in Mexico, however it\"s still early and nothing has actually been determined upon yet. I\"ll let girlfriend know! My character in \"Jane The Virgin\" may return (from jail), for this reason we\"ll see. I\"m auditioning, functioning on my other projects (Alex offer on the plank for joined Hope because that Animals and The Chicago Symphony and is a member of The Chicago historical Society)and I\"m in complete mommy mode. I\"m just having actually a good time and enjoying life!

Keep up through Alex ~ above Instagram & stream \"Telenovela\" with On Demand, and catch \"Jane The Virgin\" Fridays ~ above the CW.